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7 Businesses That Are Your Company's Best Friend

One of the first aspects of owning a business is to learn that you can't do everything on your own. If you decorate birthday cakes, you can't also be expected to design your website. It is inevitable that businesses will use each other to reach their desired success. These 7 businesses are here to help other businesses with specialized solutions.


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1. Oversight Systems Inc 15

Oversight Systems Inc. is a Concur, SAP, and Oracle partner who helps executives to create actionable insights without the need for a data scientist. Their Insights help give direct and visible information regarding the way a business works. Oversight Systems’ solutions have been proven to lead to smarter and faster decisions that contribute to a business’s bottom line. They have experience with companies of any size and in any industry and no implementation services or expenses are required to get started. 

2. FMT Consultants LLC 0

FMT Consultants LLC is a leading provider of information technology services and integrated business management solutions in Southern California since 1995. Their experienced consultant team provides companies with helpful and innovative solutions for some of their most challenging problems. They believe in delivering high-quality and affordable technology solutions that help these companies run more efficiently. Their expertise lies in implementing, developing, analyzing and designing software and hardware systems that optimize a business’s internal workings and help them meet their business goals.

3. Business Performance Group Inc 0

Business Performance Group, Inc. is a leading employee training program provider. With over 900 different program offerings, they specialize in training, educating and supporting a company’s management team. They also focus on creating training initiatives that encourage staff to learn, implement new processes and continue to succeed. Their professional staff focuses on business-to-business telephone selling as well as field sales. They offer their training materials on DVD, video, online, through e-Learning options and in print.

4. Aarthun Performance Group, Ltd. (APG) 0

Aarthun Performance Group, Ltd. (APG) is the creator of The Profit Specialist®, a system that is recognized worldwide as a business simulating training tool. APG takes a hands-on approach toward customizing this program so that it matches each particular client’s strategy and industry. They have nearly 20 years of experience in understanding how customers measure profitability, analyzing key customer financials, connecting solutions to financial metrics and being able to carry on a financial conversation with C level clients.

5. Mainstreet Computers Inc 0

Mainstreet Computers Inc. is the leading independent glass software provider in all of North America. Their flagship product, Glas-Avenue, was created around the requests and needs of various nationwide glass businesses. This software empowers customers with the tools needed to work smarter and not harder. The Glas-Avenue software system is customized to include only the modules that each business needs to succeed all of which help business owners to increase productivity in their office.

6. Synergy Business Solutions 0

Synergy Business Solutions is a leading provider of financial and ERP software solutions in North America. They work with companies of any size and in nearly every industry. They offer accounting, reporting, revenue recognition, financial management and collaboration solutions which helps their clients to stay productive, efficient, organized and best of all, profitable. Since 2003, they have been a reseller of financial-management and project-accounting software. They now serve nearly 250 clients with various needs across the globe.

7. Blue Mine Group 0

Blue Mine Group helps clients across the United States to discover new markets, transform their value and impact and create innovative products and services. Since 2002, they have helped hundreds of teams and leaders to design and build new business into over 150 companies, whether new ventures or Fortune 500 companies. Collaboration is the key with their work and they are committed to engaging people to take their high-potential ideas and convert them into practical results that are profitable and have the potential to grow.

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