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6 Types of Testimonials that Boost Conversion Rates

6 Types of Testimonials that Boost Conversion Rates

By: Vlad Moldavskiy


Beyond successful product or service launches, it’s how customers respond to your offerings that determines the viability of your brand. And the best way to gauge how customers are feeling is through customer feedback mechanisms, such as surveys, comment cards and testimonials. The latter provides prospects with an object review your products and services, minus the fluff often found in internally generated sales copy and marketing campaigns.

Beyond word of mouth, positive testimonials are the best form of marketing as they help boost brand exposure to the masses at little to no cost to you.

Customer Reviews

Standard customer reviews add credibility and diminish any reservations prospects may have about your product or service. Simply put, if others gave it a shot and liked it, there’s a strong chance new customers will have a similar experience.

Samsung allows customers to write reviews that are published directly on the website, regardless of the rating. So if you’re considering an oversized plasma TV or Galaxy Note, peruse the reviews for candid feedback, ranging from poor to exceptional, prior to making a purchasing decision.

Celebrity Endorsements

It’s common for a little-known product to burst onto the scene after being backed by a celebrity. These high-profile individuals garner tons of attention on a consistent basis and so do their personal preferences.

Icy Hot partnered with Shaquille O’Neal more than 10 years ago and not only was he the perfect candidate to share the benefits of using Icy Hot to prospects, but O’Neal understands the impact dulling pain can have and the importance of rapid relief.

Press/Product Reviews

When your products or services are displayed in a positive light by reputable digital and print media outlets, your company will typically benefit from increased web traffic. However, you should keep the momentum going by extracting a few of the most powerful statements from the review or story and placing them on your homepage to show your brand is trustworthy and lives up to its name.

You can find raving Starbucks fans on practically every social media outlet, but the company takes things a step further by publishing reviews from the press on CEO Howard Schultz’s book titled “Onward.” The publication provides a detailed account of how the company returned to its core values in the midst of financial turmoil; a brilliant move to help restore faith in the company and increase brand loyalty.

Case Studies

If you want to give your prospects an exclusive look at how your offerings were applied, include case studies on your website.

Flint Mobile does an exceptional job of conveying how its product can take the hassle out of payment processing and lower the accompanying fees through its case study on Eye Candy Lashes. In the detailed account, makeup artist Kalee Przybylak shared her negative past experiences with a slew of other companies who applied exorbitant penalties to her account when she failed to meet the monthly minimum transaction limits. She goes on to describe how Fling Mobile exceeded her expectations, although she was expecting otherwise, and the ease of using the product.

Video Reviews

Video reviews should be embedded in your website. Reasoning: they capture actual, relatable customers speaking from the heart, just like your audience.

For those seeking hair removal services, Ideal Image may come to mind. Beyond their informative infomercials, the company’s website contains a host of video testimonials from real-life customers regarding their procedure and how it’s transformed their lives.

Before & After Images

Standard reviews are effective for communicating benefits, but before and after images will provide proof that your product or service actually works. And this is a godsend for extreme skeptics.

For consumers seeking to grow their mane, Hairfinity has an extensive gallery of before and after pictures of women from all ethnicities to prove their product is the solution. And as a result, the company gains new customers every day who take to the social media outlets to profess their love for the supplement.

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