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6 Things to Remember About Resilience and Drive in Business

6 Things to Remember About Resilience and Drive in Business



Helen Keller once said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”  This woman, who is a gleaming example of strength and survival, should have her wise words taken into account by anyone who comes into trying circumstances. This pertains to all entrepreneurs because starting new ventures can be very difficult, but is always rewarding when you overcome the challenges. Here are six companies that have traveled the road less taken, and provided advice on how they continue to be resilient in business.

1. YourCause 26


YourCause is a Software as a Service provider of the CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform that provides a fully hosted and managed solution for community involvement programs. CSRconnect is a robust and highly configurable platform that caters to each client’s programs with giving, volunteering, and feature-rich engagement tools.


“When you believe in something so much that you are simply unable to focus on anything other than your idea, then (and only then) will you truly be embracing what a true start-up is all about.  Perseverance is nothing more than a measurement of time that it takes you to make your belief or idea a reality (and all that takes place during that time).” - Matt Combs, Founder & CEO

2. Parker Web Services 4

Parker Web Services

The team at Parker Web is dedicated to providing fast, knowledgeable and friendly website maintenance services.  In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are, with our focus on maintenance, you know you have come to the right place. The average response time for a customer’s ticket is 1.5 hours and 96 percent are completed in a satisfactory fashion. As a website neutral provider, they are sure to provide the support and maintenance you need to focus on your business.


“‘Persist, persist, persist, persist,’ from Winston Churchill, persistence is key to the success of a small business.” - Darryl Parker, CEO

3. MassCatalyst 3


MassCatalyst helps to bring innovative and exciting businesses together with passionate investors in a secure, reliable, and easy to use manner. Our trusted and state-of-the-art platform gives investors direct access to unique investment opportunities in private companies and helps to alleviate the age-old problem of acquiring much needed capital for entrepreneurs.


We are changing the industry and private placement market through our innovative and proprietary auction system. We make it easy for investors to find compelling opportunities to diversify their portfolios or for businesses to find capital. MassCatalyst and our partners thoroughly vet each business, perform comprehensive due diligence, and make the legal paperwork completely painless.


“Nothing goes as expected, especially with technology, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” - Bobby Katoli, Co-Founder

4. Geoforce 1


Geoforce doesn't just sell to oil and gas. Geoforce is from oil and gas. Our founder, James MacLean III, was a wireline engineer and experienced firsthand the pain of not knowing where important field equipment was located. From that pain, Geoforce was born in 2007 with the simple belief that the chaos and pain of oilfield operations could be alleviated with technology.


Our solutions include efficient asset location and retrieval, rental invoice auditing, service delivery verification, inspection compliance, equipment maintenance alerts, and a host of others. Our customers include many of the international super major operating companies, most of the major international oilfield services companies, as well as hundreds of mid-size and regionally-focused oil and gas operators, service providers, and equipment rental companies.

"The down cycles of the oil & gas industry have made us extremely resilient, as we've often had to make "lemonade out of lemons" when circumstances have hurt our customers. Because of this resilience, these cycles have made us a stronger company, as it's forced us to become even better at proving our ROI and value, and focused our attention even more on delivering great service and a great product." - Vincent Hsieh, CFO

5. Sterling International 1

Sterling International

Sterling International Consulting Group is an executive level consulting firm and Microsoft Partner with a dedicated Microsoft practice focusing on SharePoint, SQL Server and other enterprise level products. SICG’s practice area includes the US East Coast as well as many parts of the EU.


“Do not cut corners, put the rules in place to make sure the necessary steps are completed. Ignore the temporary pain, for the long term success.” David Sterling, CEO

6. CollectivePoint 1


Cutting edge technology doesn't have to be so complicated. CollectivePoint is committed to Keeping Software Simple! We are equally committed to helping our clients to prosper, our employees to excel, and our community to flourish. Offering Austin, Texas some of the best talent in the industry and absolute integrity, CollectivePoint utilizes the most advanced technologies, tools, processes, and products to maximize our clients' return on investment.


“It’s that relentless drive to close the deal in that next meeting, or schedule a face to face meeting during a phone call, that sets you apart.  I’ve recently thought that sales is like hitting that perfect drive in golf, it keeps you coming back and wanting to hit that sweet spot on the next try.” - Todd Allen, President

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