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6 Companies That Design For Success

6 Companies That Design For Success



Business is an art form. It requires passion, drive and a great deal of elbow grease. When building a vision for success, you must be fiercely passionate about what you do and deliver to your customers. Beyond the bread and butter of what makes your business unique, business owners are responsible for managing growth, accounting, human resources, business development and much more. Often times their is a rude awakening once the business is growing in managing all of the ancillary tasks that may not be within your expertise. Here are 6 companies that have designed for success:

1. Rottet Studios 6

Rottet Studios

Rottet Studio is an international architecture and design firm with an extensive portfolio of corporate and hospitality projects for the world’s leading companies. The firm boasts more than 30 million square feet of built design and a vast array of award-winning projects and furniture designs. Reflecting a desire to improve the human experience through the built environment, clients receive intelligent design admired for enhanced functionality, efficiency, flexibility and productivity, without sacrificing design integrity. The firm’s broad range of services includes interior architecture and design, furniture design, graphic design, product design, branding, and art selection. The firm’s architects and designers have received international attention and attracted an esteemed list of clients and are actively engaged in projects throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Lauren Rottet, President & Founding Principal shares, “we invest a great deal of time in educating our employees and teaching them all aspects of the business. We create well rounded individuals by not just letting them focus on what they are really good at, but allowing them to visit job sites and shadow more experienced team members to learn and become an integral part of all aspects of our business.”

2. Duro UAS 5

Duro UAS

Duro designs and manufactures eco-drones, unmanned autonomous systems for environmental research and urban development applications. Ensuring safe and sustainable cities requires understanding the trends that are shaping our planet and preparing for the future. Duro makes a positive impact by developing both the tools – vehicles and sensors – and engineering talent necessary to accomplish these goals. Through the Youth Development Initiative, Duro teaches STEM and other important skills to 6-12 students so they can get involved in the action. They work with their partners in education to provide these services free of charge to “non-traditional” students, including women, minorities, and others who have for too long been underrepresented in this field.


Brian Wilson, President of Duro UAS says “it’s not just about the concept, you must look at everything you need to function as a successful business. If you aren’t aware of all the ancillary things it takes to run a business, you will need to learn them sooner, rather than later, to become successful.”

3. Waypoint 2 Space 4

Waypoint 2 Space

Waypoint 2 Space, operating from the global hub of space technology – NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas – is helping to shape the future of the Commercial Space Industry. Comprised of aerospace experts, including former NASA and military personnel, and working closely with industry leaders, their team has designed a comprehensive instructional program that is setting the standard for the Commercial Space Industry. They have a goal to establish a high standard of safety and training for an industry bringing the reality of spaceflight to the world. They prepare people for the ultimate journey into space and allow you to experience every aspect of traditional astronaut training on your way to becoming a Commercial Astronaut.


Kevin Heath, President & CEO of Waypoint 2 Space says to “get the right advisors, the people who have been their before you. Also, it is imperative to have a well thought out business plan, if you are refusing to do it, you will not realize the many holes contained within the plan inside your head. Create a 50,000 foot view about balancing money, priorities and the various aspects that will make your business successful for the long term.”

4. Studio One Eleven 3

Studio One Eleven

Based in downtown Long Beach, California, Studio One Eleven is an integrated practice of architecture, landscape, and urban design dedicated to creating vibrant communities. From master plans to individual buildings, each endeavor aims at making a more humane and sustainable urban whole. They believe that the purpose of architecture is the making of the City. From the geography of the region to the disposition of blocks and buildings, every urban component has an interdependent relationship with all others. Every project is viewed as an opportunity to physically enhance the urban context that sustains it. In contrast to an 'architecture of time', theirs is an 'architecture of place'. Their designs are not predicated by a singular language, but are inspired through the careful assessment of the history, climate, culture and context of the place where they stand.


David Sheldon, Director of Business Development, says “we look to make unique places that are liveable while adding value to the cities that they exist within. We focus on purpose, and make sure our clients and employees align with directly with that vision.”

5. Starburst Accelerator 3

Starburst Accelerator

Starburst provides seed funding from angel investors and venture capital dedicated to Aerospace, Aviation and Defense as well as access to the largest group of aerospace stakeholders to help startups win their first $1M contract. They are interested in tech transfer from research labs or a very innovative concept – teams made up of entrepreneurs and scientists – with an existing prototype to market. Based in El Segundo, co-located with industry, with extension desks at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley, as well as Seattle and Washington DC; they bring suppliers, customers, and stakeholders together, furthering the mission to identify and partner with startups developing cutting-edge technologies that serve industry needs.


Van Espahbodi, Partner & Co-Founder of Starburst shares that “when considering starting your own business, you should really think about your background knowledge and foundation. I urge people to go work in industry, find a great company--or two--to work for and learn all there is to know. After you learn, make mistakes and refine your expertise, then take the plunge and build your own business for success.”

6. Microphone Rocks 1

Microphone Rocks

In this new era of using smart devices, it is very popular to shoot videos and take photos. People are constantly shooting beautiful moments from their life, taking interviews, parents recording kids, actors shooting their monologues, students recording lectures, kids shooting themselves or cats :) and share with friends and subscribers. So, the main point in shooting a great video is to have perfect quality sound, with convenient automatic synchronization of video and audio. But the problem is: the sound is always low and there is a lot of background noise (if there is no separate microphone)! There are already various solutions to this problem, however you will need an external transmitter with a microphone and a good editing program which can add up to a few hundred dollars. We have eliminated the need to use an editing program on a computer and the purchase of an external transmitter with a microphone. Microphone Rocks eliminates your costs and synchronizes the video and audio automatically, to make your life easy!


Founder, Vladislav Suleyman, shares, “meet more people, go to conferences, in every field. We don’t just visit tech events, but also, fashion, journalism, etc. Make sure you love what you do and then everything will happen, in fact, don’t be afraid to fail 10 times, you will win on the 11th.”

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