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5 Simple Ways to Stay On Your Game At Work


Sitting at your desk, head in palm? Don’t fret. Staying engaged at work is a job in itself. Some days you’ll pound through your work, other days you’ll sit there staring at the computer screen, confused and annoyed. It’s hard to love what you do every minute of the day, a lot of us can agree. If you want to make the most out of your work, you can! Here’s how.


1. Learn something new

Stretch your imagination: write a poem, read an article, draw a picture. Doing these things will help spark creativity in your work. Do them while eating breakfast or on your commute, before you arrive at your workplace. It’s no doubt you’ll have a fresh mind and want to share what you learned.


2. Converse with your co-workers

This may seem like the last thing you should do to stay engaged, however, it will keep you sane. Talk about your weekend, the new restaurant you just dined at, how your kids are doing. Whatever it is, it’ll blow off some steam and allow you to connect with your co-workers. After all, you’re all human.


3. Have a brainstorming session

Brainstorming sessions are not only effective for coming up with new ideas but they’re great for team building. The best way to get in brainstorming action is to grab a dry-erase marker and head to the whiteboard. Use colors, make graphs, get creative! Your team will leave the room feeling inspired and excited.


4. Recognize your strengths

Remind yourself why you wanted the job in the first place. If you’ve met the goals you made when you first started, make new goals. Always find ways to share your expertise. Knowledge is power, so share it!


5. Take a break

Take a walk, bathroom break, drink water, stretch, even leave the building. You need to clear your head. There’s only so much your brain could take before you start to shut down. Not only will you work better, but you’ll feel better.

...Happy working!



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