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5 Simple Ways To Boost Productivity At Home

5 Simple Ways To Boost Productivity At Home



In 2013, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer stopped allowing employees to work from home. The thought was at-home productivity was lower than that of in-office workers. Unfortunately for Mayer, the research does not bear that out. One study in the Bureau of Economic Research of 16,000 workers showed at-home workers had a 13 percent increase in performance. As entrepreneurs, the home office is our sanctum and our economic lifeline. We do everything we can to maintain focus and increase productivity, even with family and exhaustion knocking at the door.

The Benefits Of Tablets

The addition of mobile technology has changed the way we work, both in the office and at home. The inclusion of tablets has increased productivity while blurring the lines between work and family. With a tablet, we can cook dinner while checking work emails, take a walk with the stroller and read a report, or watch TV while creating a PowerPoint. By acknowledging mobile devices can affect our work/home balance, we can maintain our effectiveness and boundaries by defining specific times mobile devices can and cannot be used.

Follow The 52 – 17 Rule

Breaks are not a waste of time — just the contrary. Research by the Draugiem Group found that 52 minutes of work followed by 17 minutes of break is the ideal ratio to gain the highest productivity. Breaks allow your mind to recuperate so you can attack the next 52 minutes with vigor. If you are the competitive type, use a stopwatch and run your day like you are doing wind-sprints with 52 minutes of intense work and 17 minutes of recuperation.

Every Day Is Optimal

Positive psychology founder Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says an optimal experience is the crux of existence. Optimal experience, happiness, or subject well-being are directly related to workplace productivity. Simply put, happy people are productive people. To increase your effectiveness, start your day with something that will put you into a positive mind frame. Music and a good set of headphones, meditation, and exercise have all been shown to help in this respect.

Get Some Training

A meta-analysis in the International Journal of Business and Management found that self-efficacy is directly related to productivity. People who believe they are capable are more likely to get things done throughout the day than people riddled with self-doubt. There are various online educational programs that offer free courses and on your own timeline. TedEd and Coursera both have classes ranging from accounting to quantum mechanics. Learning something new is the best way to increase your self-efficacy and your productivity.

Buy A Plant

Plants, natural settings, and fish tanks have all been shown to increase workplace productiveness. Oddly enough, plastic plants do not promote this effect but photos of nature scenes do. If you are able to orient your home office to give you a view of nature, do so. If not, you can add nature photos to your screen saver or place photos throughout your office. Pick up some indoor plants at a garden store that will not break your budget. A few ferns may increase the amount of work you accomplish throughout the day.

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