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Made in Chicago.

5 Reasons Why Chicago Is Transforming Faster Than Transformers

5 Reasons Why Chicago Is Transforming Faster Than Transformers



Chicago is an amazing city for a lot of reasons - we’ve got great people, vibrant neighborhoods, and the best food options in the country. Lately, though, we’ve earned another reason to be proud of our city - thanks to a tech-friendly government and an outstanding startup culture, Chicago is rapidly turning into a business hotspot that’s getting a lot of people excited. Here are five reasons why Chicago is transforming so fast and for the better!

1. Shared Spaces

Tech incubators are becoming increasingly prominent in Chicago, with huge names like 1871 turning heads across the country. These spaces have allowed countless promising startups to grow and flourish, launching the careers of thousands of dedicated entrepreneurs. These shared spaces create a sense of camaraderie that inspires founders and employees, the results of which are pushing Chicago into the future faster than ever. Beyond that, look at the benefits of shared spaces - they save money and they provide helpful mentors, amongst many others.

2. Massive Startup Culture

Thanks to tech incubators and a tech-friendly government, Chicago has become a haven for startups as a whole, which has created a massive startup culture that’s almost entirely unprecedented. We understand that our local economies thrive in large part due to startups, and the respect they’ve earned has fostered an excellent culture that continues to inspire people to push the limits of entrepreneurship.

3. Funding and Growth are More Common Than Ever

Perhaps the biggest obstacle that faces a startup is funding; securing it can be at best a chore and at worst a total nightmare. While it’s finding investors isn’t quite a walk in the park in Chicago, the resources available when searching for funding are drastically helpful, and better yet, they’re widely available. Because of our awesome startup culture, growth is also highly common, with many startups growing faster than they could have imagined. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to engage with Chicago’s startup world, as the future is extremely bright.

4. Corporations Aim For Entrepreneurial Culture

As our startup culture continues to evolve, the impact startups have on overall business is monumental. More and more people are embracing entrepreneurial culture in the workplace, which is having massive effects on business in Chicago. These cultural changes are drawing in more and more prospective employees by the day, allowing for growth and innovation like never before. As a result, Chicago’s business landscape is rapidly transforming, placing us in contention with powerhouses like Silicon Valley and New York City.

5. The Logistics Are Perfect

Turning a city into a startup haven takes more than great startups and innovative ideas. It takes a conducive infrastructure and overall logistical coordination to foster a great startup community. Chicago is designed in such a way that allows for startups to flourish, thanks in part to our excellent transportation and layout. Getting around is no issue at all, which is a huge positive - the amount of travelling that goes into a startup is staggering. Sam Cinquegrani, Founder and CEO of Chicago's own ObjectWave, says, "Being in a city like Chicago offers some understated advantages to business. Our infrastructure, transportation capabilities are second to none. ObjectWave's experience, by being headquartered in Chicago, is that you are able to serve your customer in a convenient and efficient manner throughout the country and globally." Given how tight finances are at this point, too, costly transportation is a massive barrier. Thankfully, no cars are required, and our public transportation doesn’t break the bank.

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