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5 Must-Haves For Your Home Office

As a business owner, having a space for your work at home is important. The nice thing about a home office is that you have more freedom to make the space completely about you. Take a look at 5 must-haves for your home office that will keep you working and loving your work! 

1. Proper Lighting

Eye strain, fatigue, procrastination and moodiness… we’ve all experienced it while at work. Believe it or not, the source is often poor lighting. Invest in a nice lamp to place on your desk and have multiple other lighting fixtures throughout your office. Your performance is sure to improve.


Walls... you ask? These 4 great things surrounding you are perfect for chalkboards, corkboards and/or whiteboards. You can even try a Writeyboard which is an all in one creative brainstorming solution for your walls. Your walls are your friend. Decorate them!

3. Power Desk & Office Chair

Your desk is where all the action happens. It should be large but not overpowering the room. A great alternative to a sitting desk is a standing one. If you’re looking to improve your posture, consider a standing desk.

Next to your computer, your chair should be the second most expensive thing in your office. You are in your chair… a lot. Spend the extra buck and get yourself a chair that won’t break your back over time. It will be well worth it.

4. Paper Shredder

A paperless business even needs one! It’s hard to escape client receipts, promotional materials, and solicitation letters from internet providers… we all get them. Try to incorporate paper shredding into every Friday of your week. It’s an office clean up that only takes a few minutes!

5. Fresh Air

Add some plants to your office to purify the air. You’ll breath better and your office will look better.  And crack a window when you can… a breeze after a long day’s work never felt so good. 

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