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Community Blog / Five Little Things That Go a Long Way In The Office

The office is an environment where many temperamental and high frequency issues can be overwhelming, whether you like it or not. Maintaining positive norms and a positive culture is not just good for the laymen office dweller, but it can help a business take that next step. The best way to maintain that is not through grand displays of productivity empowerment but in the little details, which form the foundation of a good office environment and thus, a well functioning business.

5) Let that Coffee Flow!

As a growing business it is essential that everyone stays on top on their work and in productivity mode. Coffee is perhaps the most well developed fuel that enables those employees to keep trucking on. The business owner faces two options, either he or she does not provide coffee or they do. The cost of the coffee is marginal in many cases but the output can be very beneficial. Instead of employees running late getting coffee -- because they will be drinking it -- it would already be at the office, you as the business owner save time as well as employees. Nearly 54% of American adults drink coffee, that is over 100 million people and within that 100 million are the productive employees and the others are waiting in line at Starbucks.


There are even companies which specialize in the productivity of coffee in the work place. Steel Horse Coffee is a great instance of a coffee company building and designing the perfect blend of coffee for a higher utility of productivity. It’s the little things that go a long way, and it starts with the fuel employee’s drink.



4) The Democratic Temperature Framework.

Perhaps the pinnacle of office politics is the divisive issue of temperature. No other issue in office politics is regarded to with such angst, physical response and emotional turmoil, and the fact of the matter is: productivity decreases if employees are not comfortable. Such an issue should not be left to administrative solutions quite like a dictatorial mandate; rather it needs a community initiative. The people need to unite and to compromise. This is a political issue and it needs a political solution.


In some cases the office thermostat does not even work. It is a quick solution for executives, particularly in large corporations, but if when talking about a small business it is likely that thermostat works and is a veteran of button pushing gore. There are two avenues a politically savvy office manager can take, the first being holding a vote of preferences and determining an average temperature preference. This is by far the fairest and most democratic method to solving this long-standing issue. The second is to consider the future of temperature technology, for instance, Nest, a next gen heating and cooling company can actually learn what the employees find comfortable and will save office costs by using less energy when no one is around on Saturday or Sunday. The former is by and large the cheaper option, and it’s a quick, fair and equitable solution that can go a long way in an office.



3) The Pen is Mightier.

Note taking on the computer and tablet are slowly taking over but the pen is and always has been mightier. The pen is that little tool that helps keep notes but there are qualifying differences between just any pen, and that pen. Everyone’s got their brand of choice, be it BIC, Uniball or Pilot, the flow of the pen is the hallmark of a good office experience. It’s not as if the market is transitioning to digital note taking either, the pen never needs a charge, it’s relatively cheap and if it breaks you don’t need to sign a new contract to get a new one. It’s an office mainstay and judging by BIC's annual sales report, they’re trending upwards, with $2 billion in sales last year. A good pen is a little thing that can go a long way; your choice is not merely ambiguous but can have real results.




2) Put it on the Whiteboard!

The visual learner does not stop learning visually after schooling ends. Mapping out an approach to a client or project might be easy. When running a small business that is destined to grow, the ideas and brainstorming are the currency of that growth. In any vocation the whiteboard is the seminal source of ideas that ended up to be the iPhone, Instagram and Twitter. Keeping with that tech sentiment of highly detailed and complex frameworks, Matt Gierut, COO of Codal, a rapidly growing web development firm said “collaboration on a large space is central to growing a business, everyone can see it, everyone is involved and it makes teamwork easier and efficient.”


In every aspect, talking about projects instead of putting it on the board can cause good ideas to be lost and challenges the creativity and logic of what a good idea is. A whiteboard is a little thing that goes a long way.


1) The Thank You

Spending money on little things that go a long way could help productivity and business activity regardless of small scale or large scale, but the best things in life, as many know, are free. Promoting a business environment that is pleasant, polite and full of meaningful etiquette does not just help around the office, but it helps clients feel good about you as well as customers. Calling someone back just for a ‘thank you,’ enables a positive judgment from the receiving party and only reinforces a positive bond.


Even on a digital frontier proper etiquette is something worth using. Texting a thanks is just as valid as telling someone. It can improve employee relationships as well and the best part is it’s free! No financial investment necessary and it always feel good to be thanked.



Written by Zev Ginzburg, Contributing writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com

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