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5 Leaders Who Believe It Is All About The People

5 Leaders Who Believe It Is All About The People



Being a people person can get you very far when it comes to doing business. Business entails interacting with people, and leveraging the relationships you gain in different ways. Forbes highlights the importance of diversity in your team members in terms of ethnicity and mindset.  People are human capital, and can be a key factor to the success of a company.  Here are five companies that know the importance of people, whether it be their customers, employees, etc., and how they always keep these communities in mind even in terms of their success.

1. Englue 19


Englue’s DeepFind deep learning software platform finds the most relevant insights in big data using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. It is already beginning to cause disruptions in several different industries. Our first commercial product, FedBizFind, matches small businesses to relevant government contracts and subcontracts that they are best suited to win. This product has already captured more than 1% market share in less than 60 days and now has over 11,000 active users which are growing by 100 new users per day. Recently, one of our nation’s largest defense contractors commissioned our team to adapt our DeepFind technology to analyze unstructured data for application in threat analysis, combat readiness, and preventative maintenance.

“Everything we do with artificial intelligence is about making the human experience better. Better for the customers, and our customers customers, and our employees. We enable people to achieve their fullest potential.” - Olin Hyde, Founder & CEO

2. SameGrain 4


Voted best new social app of 2015, SameGrain privately matches people on 45M+ areas (including all of Wikipedia) to help users connect on multiple in-depth attributes, such as the same backgrounds, beliefs, health, habits and more; whether they are located around the corner or around the globe. Organizations, universities and companies can also personalize SameGrain's algorithm to better connect their own audiences. SameGrain makes it safe and simple to meet people you were meant to meet.

“Startups are unique, the kind of people you will be looking for are not necessarily those that excel in corporations. Make sure there is a cultural fit, go as far as taking them out for dinner, or at least a cup of coffee.”  Anne Balduzzi, Founder

3. Avalon Consulting 2

Avalon Consulting

Avalon Consulting transforms data investments into actionable business results through the visioning and implementation of Big Data, Web Presence, Content Publishing, and Enterprise Search solutions. They are the trusted partner to over one hundred clients, primarily Global 2000 companies, public agencies, and institutions of higher learning. Avalon is known for providing clients a superior engagement experience through a combination of business acumen, intellectual curiosity, collaborative work style, and strong partnerships with award-winning vendors. Avalon's deep technical expertise mitigates project risk and reduces total cost of ownership for our clients.

“It is about the community, offer time and talent to make people and the world a better place.” Casey Green, Principal & Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy

4. AuthenticID 0


The customer’s ID looks legitimate, but is it? Is your customer a known ID fraudster, a fugitive, a member of organized crime, or a sex offender? With our solutions you can understand the risk that a customer poses within just three seconds. While eliminating the risk associated with identity theft, as well as dramatically increase revenue. AuthenticID’s solutions allow your organization to effortlessly authenticate customers with 100% accuracy, while simultaneously reducing the time and inconvenience that customers face proving their identity.

“As I continue to develop my pipeline of pioneering technology products, I anticipate the industry’s needs by building systems which increase productivity and efficiency while greatly reducing costs and saving time for the end-user, the consumer”.” - Blair Cohen, Founder & CEO


5. Infinity Media 0

Infinity Media

Infinity Media is an award-winning firm headquartered in Washington DC providing technology and digital media solutions to business, social entrepreneurs, and campaigns. Specializing in branding, storytelling, and mobile web, Infinity Media has a growing tradition of helping leaders and organizations think differently about how they connect with the world.

“Whether you’re starting or growing a business, you’ll find that personal relationships mean everything to your company’s bottom line. Your network of family and friends are your best asset. Only the smartest entrepreneurs know how to leverage relationships to strategize, innovate, and market goods and services.” - John R. Gagain Jr., Managing Partner

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