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5 Israeli Startups to Look Out for in 2014

Israel is a general political storm that is entangled in countless dead ends and heated ideologies. It is also a country with a record of technological prowess unlike any other state in its region. It is a hotbed and incubator for some of the most innovative ideas in the world of tech.


The culture is one aspect that sets Israel apart. Many Israelis serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, which ingrains a type of systematic routine in building startups.


The numbers also show that it is a hotbed:



The following will profile five startups with great potential, or achieved potential, that are poised to take the US and the world by storm as determined by Mabbly. 


5) Idomoo


Idomoo (pronounced ‘I do moo.’) is a business solution which ‘increases brand engagement through video and personalization,’ with clients. It creates videos containing relevant company data that allows your clients and customers to be more informed and somewhat entertained. Engagement is crucial in business and this innovative method creates it. It’s a unique and customized take on engagement in the 21st century.


4) EatWith


Eat With is a dinner solution for hungry people on the go. Basically if you’re a traveler (or just a curious foodie) you can look up a user who is hosting dinner in their home. You pay a fee (to help pay for the food) and sit down and discuss whatever. It is a lot like couchsurfing except you do not need to spend the night. It’s great for building community as well. It has expanded to the US and users can host in whatever city they live in.


3) eyeSight



Remember those cool controls in the movie Minority Report?

Well that actually may be the future and it starts with eyeSight. It utilizes the camera on your device, be it a TV, PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, or in the car app to recognize hand gestures. These gestures become the control to whatever device a user choses. Although Samsung has some iteration of this on their Galaxy phones, it has not blown away users. With eyeSight the gestures become universal, and not specific to one product. Welcome to the future, eh?


2) Viber


Viber is an instant messaging client as well as VoIP for mobile and just recently for desktop. It is a direct competitor with Skype and is quickly becoming a contender in the field of free messaging. It’s development across all types of platforms had allowed it to be the versatile competitor to Skype and Apple’s Facetime.


1) Waze


Waze is a tremendous application. It was purchased by Google for $1.3 Billion. This app uses real time traffic data from other users to compile much more accurate data in regards to traffic. Google Maps for instance uses department of transportation data mixed with statistical patterns for time and place to determine whether traffic is ‘green, yellow or red.’ Waze on the other hand will see that some users have been stuck in traffic in one place and transmit that info to another users app to avoid it, including speed, and time of delay. Users can even report traffic conditions, speed traps, speed cameras, construction, and any other incident of the sort. This app has high utility, and users can feed info not just on iOS and Android, but Windows Phone too!

It is also highly social. Users can give a thumbs up to other drivers who report incidents and verify their validity. You gain points which is directly related to your credibility. Who knows, you may even wave hello someone on the way!


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