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It is difficult to find great ways to boost employee morale or even one’s own productivity using the classic methods. A coffee break, a second coffee break and a rubbing of the eyes does not do it anymore. There are great new and time tested methods to increasing productivity The following will try and encapsulate five ideas that help with productivity in ways that are not necessarily being used by many firms (but ought to be considered):


Tired? Yeah you are. When working while tired, ones productivity tends to yield diminishing marginal returns on productivity. One cannot necessarily generate good ideas, or stay on top of priorities as easily. If one is especially tired at work and there is a huge problem that involves all hands on deck being tired will seriously jeopardize the whole project.

Sleep is a vital component in the best conditions for productivity. It is an essential ingredient. The role of the nap is and has been taken very seriously in the past decade. Huge corporations and firms are trying to increase the valuable productivity their best employees have and take very seriously new methodology to achieve that.

The National Sleep Foundation argues that “Naps can increase alertness in the period directly following the nap and may extend alertness a few hours later in the day.”

One such company that has invested in better productivity is Google. In what is now a legendary commitment toward workplace efficiency, Google has been investing in nap pods:

(Credit: Doug Osborne, Geek.com)

Although the pods are a little on the expensive side, naps are not. They’re free and an excellent (and affordable) method to increase productivity in any office.

Go Ahead, Play Solitaire:

High frequency projects and stressful deadlines can take their toll in the long run. Breaks are natural and help a smooth transition and a fresh start to new tasks. One study from 2011’s Cognition science journal argues sensory perception and alertness can be increased after taking a short break in between tasks.

They key here is ‘short.’ It helps to keep up with productivity with the short break, the long break is like going from first gear to top gear right away. Steady and consistent breaks while working helps with a more solid level of productivity.

Ping Pong:

At the offices of Mabbly Digital Marketing, bouncing ideas off each other is literal. A little ping pong helps with creating and developing better marketing ideas. COO of Mabbly, Vlad Moldavskiy said “it is a great way to positively brainstorm because two people can have fun but at the same time could come up with an idea while playing because they work together.”

Any type of productive activity guised as a game helps reduce the mundane nature in business sometimes. So play ping pong, bounce ideas off each other and help create an environment for positive productivity.

Have a fast internet connection:

When an office opts for a slower connection or an unreliable one, everything really suffers, particularly if you need to be on the internet. Your email ought not take too long to download. Faxes should not take forever and downloading crucial documents or data needs to be quick. If there are long download times, then employees are just sitting waiting around, doing nothing, which is the proverbial nemesis of productivity. Think of all the time wasted waiting for things to load and how if they loaded faster work could get done quicker.

Embrace the Siesta:

It is no accident that a culture developed the idea of the siesta. Instead of taking short breaks this is a much longer break but with routine can -- over time -- increase productivity in the work place.

The siesta developed in warm places, which had no air conditioning, as such, those at work were a little more exhausted due to the heat. In 2013 most offices have air conditioning, but have more mental exhaustion. A two hour siesta helps diffuse the stressors which help fashion an environment of unproductivity. You come back from your nap, leisure time or errand with a better perspective and approach to problems which may have been occurring earlier.

The siesta only works though on a routine schedule, so if one were to adopt it the considerations involved would really alter the structure of the work place.

The classic methods to increasing productivity are slowly falling behind. Innovative and fresh approaches toward cultivating a productive working environment are being adopted. From Google to Mabbly, these advancements into a more progressive method may help a struggling work environment.

Written by Zev Ginzburg, Contributing writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com

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