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10 Dating Apps To Make Valentine's Day A Success

10 Dating Apps To Make Valentine's Day A Success



It’s that time of the year again - the cold grasp of winter is strong, a cloud escapes your mouth with each breath, and love is in the air. It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Maybe you like to express your love through grand romantic gestures, or perhaps you prefer celebrating by spending a quiet evening at home with a glass of wine and a romantic movie or two on Netflix. Whatever your preference, there’s always someone out there who feels similarly, and we’d like to help you find that special someone. Here are a few apps to make the search easier!

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1. The Grade 12

The Grade

One of the unfortunate realities people face while using a dating app is obnoxious users. Instead of chatting with an interesting person, it’s all too easy to find yourself wading through oceans of annoying users. The Grade makes that process much easier. Users are rated by others, giving them an overall grade that can serve as a compliment or a warning to others.

2. Whim 3


Whim does all the work for planning your date. You do not message your date beforehand, you do not plan the date, and best of all, you don’t have to wait. Arriving to the app store in early 2015, users simply set up an account, which highlights their photos, likes, and hobbies. Then, you simply ‘check in’ for a date, set your availability, and the rest is up to Whim! Whim figures out who, what, where, and when so you don’t have to. Go out on a Whim, you’re bound to meet someone great!


3. Tastebuds 2


For being so subjective, it’s surprising how divisive musical tastes can be between two people. Enter Tastebuds, an app where users enter their favorite artists and bands, and are subsequently matched up with others who enjoy similar music. It’s an excellent way to meet and converse with like-minded people, so if you find yourself wishing for someone whose passion for Beyonce matches your own, you’ve found an option.

4. Willow 1


Willow is a social media app that yields an experience that emphasizes more than just a user’s photos and highlights the uniqueness of everyone’s personalities in a fun, sociable way. Their mission is to provide every single Willow user with the opportunity to get engaged, talking, and ultimately meeting new people in a positive, lighthearted, fun way.


5. Duo Dater 1

Duo Dater

Duo Dater is designed to encourage socialization as well as romantic interest by setting up double dates. Users pick a friend, discover another pair of friends, and if the two groups are interested, the four can meet up for a double date. It is ideal for a more lighthearted and approachable meetup, so grab a friend and see who is out there!

6. Alikewise 1


Literature lovers, have you ever found yourself on a date that's going well, only to discover that they haven't read a book since To Kill A Mockingbird in high school? Alikewise might just be the perfect option. After creating a profile, users can discover others who enjoy similar books, providing the opportunity for a relationship to begin with a great discussion. Whether you're a The Fault In Our Stars fanatic or a Lord Of The Rings enthusiast, you're bound to find someone with great literary taste. 

7. Hinge 0


There is a certain excitement that comes from random match-ups, but they can also be a drag. Hinge introduces users to those who are connected in some way to their Facebook. If a user isn’t sold on someone’s profile, they don’t need to chat, too - both users must show interest to even have the option. No more are the days of needlessly random matches and solicitation; through Hinge, control is in your hands.

8. Bumble 0


An issue that plagues countless dating apps lies with overzealous users. Unfortunately, this can lead to discomfort amongst women, who find themselves feeling unsafe while using the app. Bumble seeks to fix that issue by offering a safe and friendly experience. Nothing can happen unless the woman initiates the first move, and if they don’t act, the match expires in 24 hours. Using a dating app has never felt so secure.

9. OkCupid 0


Sure, it's the most well-known and widely used app here, but there's a reason for OkCupid's success - a massive user base and excellent functionality intersect, giving lovelorn individuals a wide array of options. It's hugely popular, so make a profile today and see what comes your way. 

10. How About We 0

How About We

Described as “the offline dating app,” How About We allows users to create an idea for a date, and interested users can then reach out and make plans. How About We prides itself on encouraging real connections that aren’t limited to a screen, a refreshing change of pace in an increasingly technology-focused realm.

These are just some of the great options out there. Let us know about any more dating apps you love!

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