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5 Companies Share Why it’s Best to “Be You, To Be Your Business”

5 Companies Share Why it’s Best to “Be You, To Be Your Business”



If your work isn’t your passion, could you still reach your full potential? It is essential to understand your proficiencies before you get into an industry. Although pay may be low at first, the opportunities are endless with passion and drive.Once you have found what you love doing, working diligently will be hard work, yet leads you to get more work done -- ultimately raising the potential income you will make. Being yourself will allow you to start the business you desired to grow into. This can be applied to the owner, employee, and intern for any company or business. Here is how to turn your passion into a business:

1. Tragic Media 34

Tragic Media

A San Diego based web development agency focused on building highly customized Drupal, Magento, and Javascript websites and applications. We leverage leading open source technologies to build engaging, scalable, responsive websites that function well across all devices. Since 2009, we have provided quality web and e-commerce development for agencies and businesses in San Diego and across the nation. Our work includes brands like TaylorMade Golf, Jazzercise, Pixar, IronMan, General Motors, Crossfit, and Qualcomm. We use our experience working with large agencies and national brands to produce cutting-edge design and development for our clients at a fraction of the cost of a larger agency.


“You must stay true to yourself and keep your mind focused on your end goal or you will easily get caught up in the day-to-day difficulties of building a business. Too often the path that you plan does not work out as expected, so you must stay agile and be ready to pivot when necessary to keep your path aligned with your goals.” - Rich Rudzinski, CEO

2. StreamLink Software 21

StreamLink Software

StreamLink Software offers grant and board management platforms that connect disparate systems and processes creating dynamic ecosystems that drive performance and compliance. StreamLink Software products, AmpliFund and BoardMax, enable nonprofit and public sector institutions to systemize complex tasks, secure additional revenue, and increase efficiency to better serve their communities. AmpliFund and BoardMax provide accurate, immediate, and accessible reporting to ensure public trust and protect the reputation of the organization to the board and other stakeholders. StreamLink Software has partnered with BoardSource®, GPA and Thompson Information Services to incorporate best practices and research tools into its solutions.


“We stay true to our cause--we help nonprofits run efficiently and do more with less. Everything we do is to ultimately help nonprofits, be better and enable them to stay true to their cause.” - Jason Haddad, Marketing Manager

3. Genesta 9


Genesta is a supply chain systems development and technology deployment firm that specializes in warehouse inventory management and customized solutions to optimize warehousing and distribution. We are a leading provider of data collection solutions for industrial, transportation and logistics applications, with extensive expertise in the design, installation and support of multi-modal data collection systems and supply chain management software. Genesta's deep knowledge of bar code data collection, industrial speech recognition, wireless and RFID inventory tracking helps clients improve business performance.


“Don’t fall in love with a technology, find a business problem and then go into your quiver of tools and technology to find the solution.” - Kelson Elam, Managing Partner

4. GoodRoadNetwork 6


GoodRoadNetwork [GRN] was developed to help artists plan, book, and manage gigs and tours from anywhere. GRN, or GReeN as we call it, was conceived on the road while touring with my band. The methods I compiled were sought by other artists and indie labels, looking for ways to manage their tours. My GRN team and I are excited to provide artists everywhere with free and easy-to-use tools for networking, booking gigs and planning tours.


We measure our success by your success. Keep the music flowing!


“If you are invited to the table, you are qualified, don’t be the boss, rather, be yourself and solve the problem that you set out too when starting the business. Trust the people who have the same passion as you, hire and let them blossom as an asset.” - David Wall, Founder

5. Clinigence 3


Clinigence designs, develops and provides physician practice clinical business intelligence software as a service (SaaS) – an add-on to electronic health records (EHRs) - to generate sustainable revenue from clinical quality. We help physicians deliver better patient care by providing them business intelligence to generate sustainable revenue from clinical quality and improve financial outcomes through better clinical outcomes. Our mission is to become the largest clinical business intelligence provider to physician practices by leveraging economies of scale to enable the masses of small to mid-size groups (25 physicians or less) to generate sustainable revenue from clinical quality and improve financial outcomes through better clinical outcomes.


“There is no place better than technology and healthcare to impact people's lives. To innovate in healthcare, does not just create a good business, it makes people’s lives dramatically better.” Jacob “Kobi” Margolin, Founder & CEO

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