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5 Businesses That Know Failure is The Ultimate Key to Success

5 Businesses That Know Failure is The Ultimate Key to Success



A business must believe in itself in order to take risks. Even more so, a business must show resiliency and drive to bounce back when those risks are an utter failure. Taking a shot with your business can be an intimidating and frightening thing to do, but when your back is up against the wall, you can either succumb to the pressure, or rise up to the occasion. As the great Michael Jordan proclaimed, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” With that being said, here are ways to convert your failures into success!

1. Pipeline Success 6

Pipeline Success

Pipeline Success is the largest online company in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to matching senior care providers with consumers actively seeking their services. Whether you provide in-home care, senior housing or senior-focused technology services, Pipeline Success will put you in touch with your most coveted target consumers. We engage more than 500,000 individual seniors, boomers and caregivers each month and connect them with our customers and strategic partners – the senior providers that best meet their needs and resources. These customers and partners use our proprietary Pipeline Referral Inquiry and Decision Engine to gain access to consumers that are an ideal fit for their services and engage those consumers in real time.


“Not having the right team on the boat with you, is sure to sink it. Make sure that you bring in the best and brightest, who share the same passion and will back you 100% even when the going gets very tough.” - Steve Vandegrift, CEO

2. Bottega8 6


Bottega8 is a software consultancy based in the greater Seattle area building web and mobile applications that help businesses move forward. As a consultancy, we offer a range of skills throughout all phases of a product lifecycle including product design, development, deployment, and maintenance. We take pride in working closely with our clients to make sure we understand their business and deliver measurable results.


“Focusing on the long term of our business helps us create wins and strengthen relationships with our customers. It's important for us to work with the right customers who understand how we work in order to put them on a path to success and make an impact on their business.” - Rishi Talwar, Co-Founder

3. Zimple Money 5

Zimple Money

ZimpleMoney.com, back office automation for lenders and borrowers. ZimpleMoney's software application automates and manages notes, collections, payments, notes portfolios and extend payment plans. Business users can use the services to extend credit or support layaway plans for customers. Users include: auto dealers, appliance dealers, travel companies, time-share companies, clubs, consumer finance companies and more. Community Banks and Credit Unions can automate the purchase of indirect car loans from auto dealers. And they can resell the contract collection product to their customers. Single branch or multiple branch and headquarter operations. CDFI's and other non-profits can use the tools to manage loans and provide uniformed accounting practices. ZimpleMoney can also help business sell and or borrow against their loan portfolios. People are using it to manage estate planning loans, family & friend loans, loans to buy homes, cars, travel, investments, start businesses and more. Now you can manage your loans, notes, and financial agreements just like your bank, only easier!


“If there is a failed opportunity, this does not indicate a failure in the product or the service. It is likely because we did not complete due diligence on the consumer and target market--look elsewhere and find the right customer.” - Steven Rabago, ZEO & Founder

4. Rainmakerz 5


Business Development Solutions to Grow Your Company. The original rainmakers danced and performed magic rituals to make rain. Today’s rainmakers generate new business and influence decision makers to achieve business success. If you’re tired of, using a broken proposal development process, working too many nights and weekends, not having sufficient resources in place for ‘must win’ proposals and not getting enough corporate commitment and support. Call us to find out how over 90 companies have won $69 billion in new contracts and achieved higher levels of business development performance.


“When you have a great customer, you continue to put more of your efforts and resources into that part of your customer basket. When this is lost, you are left to pick up the pieces and learn that diversification of your customer portfolio is essential. Network, build contacts in trade organizations and be conscious of how much relies on each individual partnership.” - Chris Simmons, Founder & Principal

5. Concenter Services 4

Concenter Services

Our team of three senior managers has a combined 50+ years in IT services and 15+ years in financial services management and marketing. We understand that you are seeking highly effective, simple-to-use technology solutions that allow you to spend your time doing what you do best – provide exceptional service to your clientele. Concenter Services offers IT and Business Consulting, as well as the most customizable CRM tool available: XLR8 – the CRM solution for Financial Advisors and Wealth Management professionals. Concenter Services takes security seriously. In addition to their technical and business skills, you can rest assured knowing that the consultants that work with you have all undergone a Criminal and Financial background check. We take our reputation - and yours - very seriously, and aim to be your most trusted partner.

“As an entrepreneur, how do I bounce back, how do I be the boxing clown in business? We need to stay steadfast in light of whatever pitfalls we run into in business, this propels us forward to success.” - Mary Ferguson, Owner

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