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4 Website Management Fundamentals for Small Business Owners


As soon as you launch a business-oriented website, the calls and emails begin arriving and what you were hoping is an order or customer inquiry turns out to be another salesperson assuring you of first-page results on Google, if you will just sign up for his company's services.

Some salespeople even claim to be from Google.

It can be confusing and tempting at the same time. You have heard that it's a numbers game and you want more traffic, you’re just not sure whether to get it through SEO, advertising or a revamped website design.

Here are the facts you need to weather the storm and make informed, intelligent decisions about your internet marketing efforts:

Google Does Not Sell Services That Help You Rank in Organic Search

They do sell PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. If someone tells you they are from Google and can guarantee first-page ranking, hang up immediately. The only way anyone can make you rank on the first page is via PPC and that can be really expensive. If you are curious about paid ads, talk to a reputable PPC firm, or check out the many resources available on WordStream.

Never Ever Concentrate on Traffic until You Have First Focused on Conversions

Can you imagine a retail store running ads, announcing their huge start-up specials and drawing a crowd on opening day but failing to stock merchandise or even provide cash registers? Make sure your website is ready for business before you open the doors.

Check your site for basic conversion optimization principles. Each time someone visits your website, you want to be sure they can instantly tell what you offer and how they can get it. The straighter the line between those two, the more sales you will make. And, if you are a for-profit business, your sales drive your success. You don’t need a pretty site, but you do need an effective one.

Each Page on Your Website Should Have a Clearly Defined Objective

Everything on the page should help people choose to take the action you want them to take.

Mix up your content. A page of solid text is boring. Adding short videos (no longer than three minutes) can draw special attention and keep people on your page for longer spans of time. Resources such as Shutterstock provide diverse, high-quality stock videos and images.

Additionally, make sure the order or sign-up form stands out. If you aren’t a copywriter, hire one.

You'll want you message to be understood in an instant. Concise writing and helpful images can tell your brand's story and inspire consumers to take action.

Don't Forget about Mobile

Your website should be accessible on mobile devices. If you use WordPress for your CMS (content management system), make sure your site is mobile responsive. An excellent provider is StudioPress. You can even test your site responsiveness there.

For most businesses, a website adds credibility, drives sales, and can help with customer relations. Follow these four principles to get the most from your site. Ignore them at your peril. They are the fundamentals of sound website management.

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