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4 Ways For Your Startup to Quickly Get New Customers

4 Ways For Your Startup to Quickly Get New Customers



One of the biggest mistakes startup companies make is spending too much time planning and designing, and not enough time going out there and getting your first customers. Remember, regardless of how good of an idea you might think you have, you really don’t have a business at all unless someone buys something, so it’s very important for entrepreneurs, and especially startups, to validate their products, services, and ideas with paying customers as early as possible because those early customers will not only help your bottom line, they may even help shape your future products and offerings based on their valuable feedback. 



As a business and marketing consultant, I see startups wait WAY too long before trying to sell products and get new customers. You should be selling and even pre-selling as soon as possible, and most companies start much too late in the process. Not to worry, I’ll give you 4 of the best ways to get new clients right now. 

1. Facebook Ads 

There is absolutely no better value in advertising right now (early 2014) than advertising on Facebook. The ad targeting that you can do is ridiculously good and while it’s not cheap, advertising on Facebook (when done the RIGHT way) is very affordable and very profitable. 

You should start running ads even before your product or service is ready because you need to build a base of fans on your Facebook page and start establishing a culture so these people will want to keep coming back and also share it with their friends. I recommend using ads that show up on the right hand side of the Facebook page and targeting your potential customers as tightly as possible based on location or interest demographics. Do not overlook Facebook; it is currently the #1 way to get customers quickly right now. 


2. Social Media 

Obviously Facebook is social media but in addition to Facebook, you also need to be everywhere else your potential customers are which means you need a business presence on Instagram, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest. Key point: It is NOT enough to just setup profiles, anyone and everyone can do that. The real KEY to success is to “interact” back and forth with people and build relationships and culture through all of your social media channels.

Most entrepreneurs don’t use social media correctly and then wonder why it doesn’t work. You’ve got to not only regularly post interesting stuff on your social media profiles, but you need to reach out and talk to other people doing the same thing. It will make a world of difference. 

Proper use of social media doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming either…I recommend spending about 30-60 minutes per day on your social media and if you do, it will pay you back very nicely. 



3. Organic Search Engine Traffic

SEO is a heated topic for startups. Most realize that they need it, but have no idea how to properly leverage SEO to grow their company. Even worse, some entrepreneurs just completely dismiss SEO altogether and think they can succeed without it, which is a recipe for failure. As a young business, search engine optimization is critical to your success and can help you get new customers quickly. 

One of the best tactics to use in SEO right now is creating amazing “shareable” content. This is NOT easy to do however! Most people think their content is amazing, but it rarely ever is. To create amazing content, you’ve got to think about what the questions and needs are inside the mind of your potential client and then try to answer those questions with informative and entertaining blog posts, articles, videos, and even info-graphics. In addition, you should make it easy for people to share your content so make sure you put social sharing buttons where your content is posted. My best advice is to don’t hold back, give people the best content possible and when you do, you’ll win customers for LIFE! 


4. Video 

These days, you MUST do video! There are billions of websites online and you probably have thousands of competitors from all over the world. People are busy and when they visit your website, they usually decide within a few short seconds whether they will continue to check your site out or jump to another one. 

When you have a video on your homepage, whether it’s you in the video or a spokesperson for your company, it breeds a sense of trust and authority and our data shows that people stay on your page longer because of it. Anyone can write a blog post but when you are on video, people will be able to see and feel the passion behind what you are talking about and who you are. 

I see so many startups without videos and it’s a big mistake. Every startup should have at least a 2-3 minute video that captures your prospects attention and builds your authority.


Written by Phil Graham

CEO of Marketing/SEO Agency


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