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4 Key technologies that have revolutionized how we do business

As business develops, so does the technological advancement to support it. Or is it the other way around? Does developing technology allow for business growth? This can be a chicken-or-the-egg scenario, but what is for certain is that the two go hand in hand. Below are the four key technologies that have drastically changed how we do business.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has brought unlimited accessibility to entrepreneurs. You can run your business from anywhere and have everything you need available at your fingertips. Cloud technology lets you manage an entire team and share private information securely. If your business relies on remote workers, cloud-enabled collaboration is an invaluable part of your workflow.

Mobile Technology

Smartphones and other mobile devices rule the world and are changing how we do businesses. Mobile technology helps employees work remotely and be productive from anywhere in the world, allowing for flexibility and happiness without coming at the cost of effectiveness. 

Data Mining

Information used to only come to large companies that could invest in extensive data mining and analytics, but those days are over. Small businesses are now also empowered by the availability of customer data to notify their marketing decisions. There is a growing market of data brokers, much like commodities futures brokers. The data holds the key to how you can best grow your business and allocate resources in the most cost effective way.

Social Media

A business’ exposure to its clients has dramatically increased over the years. Client interaction is not limited to scheduled phone calls, cold calling, brick-and-mortar store visits, or the like. Business can now locate customers, learn their interests and needs, and reach out to them easier than ever. The advancement of social technology has created a platform for customers to reach out to businesses, as well, instead of companies constantly marketing to them. 

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