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3 Simple Marketing Techniques For Startups

3 Simple Marketing Techniques For Startups



Marketing isn’t cheap, and startups constantly struggle to get their name out there without breaking the bank. It’s not easy, and it’s a hurdle every startup has to overcome. However, while a multi-million dollar campaign might net a bit more exposure than smaller methods, there are some simple marketing techniques that can increase exposure, and startups owe it to themselves to take advantage of them. Here are three simple ones.

1. Social Media Contests

We all know the importance of maintaining a proper social media presence, but startups can take advantage of various mediums in creative ways to boost their presence at no extra cost. One such method is to employ social media contests. Depending on the platform (some ideas work better with specific options), a wide audience can be reached if utilized properly. It’s an outstanding way to create a buzz around your startup, and it gets people involved. They engage with your company and get a stronger feel for everything you do, creating numerous opportunities for brand exposure. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to set up!

2. Email Newsletter

Another great option is to start an email newsletter. Done properly, a newsletter is an excellent way to engage with your clientele, providing a window into your company and what makes it tick. There are plenty of options to shake up the genre, which goes a long way. After all, shoving sales into the inboxes of potential clients is a great way to turn them away from your business. Instead, use it to engage with them - sure, offering deals and whatnot is great, but treating it as an opportunity to share your story and passion shows your audience that they’re seen as more than sources of income, and it makes a big difference.

3. Networking

The thought of attending yet another networking event isn’t exactly appealing, given how uncomfortable they can be. Don’t immediately dismiss the entire idea of networking, though, because it doesn’t have to involve awkward interactions and business cards that are entirely irrelevant. Instead, don’t force business relationships to grow from nothing. It’s much better to give out just a few business cards to people with whom you’ve made a genuine connection, rather than passing them out like flyers. The connections that come from proper networking are absolutely invaluable, and you never know when you might meet the person who can take your startup to the next level!

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