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3 B2B bakeries in Chicagoland using eCommerce to master their markets

3 B2B bakeries in Chicagoland using eCommerce to master their markets



eCommerce has allowed businesses to grow by adding a very lucrative revenue stream, but it has also completely changed the way some B2B companies and industries operate. Introducing eCommerce into a small business dismisses clerical work and shuffling paper orders around, resulting in quicker turn-around. This has been especially impactful for B2B restaurant and grocery food supply companies, as it is a time-sensitive product.

Chicago is known as a restaurant town that is brimming with a wide variety of gourmet restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and gourmet food shops. With a speedier supply chain supported by B2B online orders, restaurant food wholesalers can expand to serve more customers. This is especially true for wholesale bakeries that have to provide fresh baked goods daily. The result is fresher products delivered to clients.

Electronic ordering and payment has also helped B2B wholesale bakeries decrease the amount of wasted product and lost revenues that come with overstock, as they can better anticipate order sizes.

Wholesale bakeries in the Chicago area reach customers across the city and the even the Midwest. These bakeries all distribute beautiful, delicious desserts, but still some lead the pack. Below are the top three eCommerce B2B bakeries in Chicagoland and how they are keeping the Midwest extra sweet. 

1. Chicago Gourmet Wholesale Bakery 2

Chicago Gourmet Wholesale Bakery

Chicago Gourmet Wholesale Bakery provides high quality baked goods to Chicagoland restaurants and commercial bakeries. What sets CGWB apart is that it does not use preservatives or conditioners, and it never freezes its products, opting for fresh daily deliveries. CGWB keeps a broad customer base, being found everywhere from cafes to convenience stores, for diversified revenue streams. 

2. West Town Bakery 2

West Town Bakery

West Town Bakery primarily serves the city of Chicago with local, organic ingredients - so it must be fresh. Its geographic footprint may be the smallest of the B2B eCommerce bakeries in this list, but West Town Bakery masters its niche. Client bakeries appreciate West Town’s commitment to shared ideals by carefully selecting its supply chain and managing waste output with environmentally friendly packaging. The results are high quality, delicious desserts that are sustainable for tastier tomorrow. 

3. Chicago Sweet Connection Bakery 0

Chicago Sweet Connection Bakery

Chicago Sweet Connection Bakery boasts the most extensive line of sweets in the Midwest, serving commercial bakeries in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan. This B2B wholesale bakery’s diverse products earn it a broad and dedicated customer base. The stock includes more than 100 cake styles and flavors; homemade cookies, pies, and breads; traditional ethnic desserts; and so much more. 

Michael Noble is the CEO of Apruve. Apruve is a payment platform designed for B2B eCommerce. From handling purchasing approval to streamlining POs, Apruve streamlines complicated B2B payment workflows and corporate account management so merchants can better focus on growing their business, not how they'll get paid.

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