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3 Apps to Help You Understand UX/UI

If you have ever wanted to design an app for a great user experience on a mobile device, now’s the time to do it. People want what’s most intuitive and useful and the competition is tough. With so many mobile devices to choose from, the way the user interface (UI) and user experience/usability (UX) is designed is more important than ever.

To understand more about the process of UI/UX design, there are apps for your tablet, laptop or smartphone that will take you through any part of the design process. You can download these apps to learn how to design better UI for iPads, tablets, or any other portable devices, for that matter. It can be hard to provide a good user experience along with a good user interface, but there are apps out there that you can download on your to help you learn to do just that.

Appreciate UI

Is this an appropriate name for this type of app or what? Appreciate UI is an app that will show you how to design a great looking UI. You will find beautiful examples of what UI should look like, in addition to screenshots from hundreds of apps, you can add your own screenshots or icons if you want to. New designs are added every week and you can create collections of any designs you like. All examples are categorized so you can search for designs for video games, personal profiles, and more.

This app is guaranteed to inspire anyone who wants to design an awesome mobile interface. It’s priced at $1.99 and is available for iOS users.

UX Companion

This app is a very handy tool to help you learn all of the many terms you need to know about UX design. With UX Companion, you will get a handheld glossary of terminology and theories all hand-picked and written by the UX developers and designers at Cyber-Duck, an award-winning digital agency out of London.

All of the terms are broken down to a language that even novice designers will understand. There are also articles that are linked to certain definitions that are explained by the designers at Cyber-Duck, as well.

If you need to learn how to define user experience in the best way possible, download UX Companion. It’s free for iOS 8 users.

DN Paper

Would you like to know what’s trending in the world of UI design? Download DN Paper. The app has links to articles for designer news that are about all different kinds of topics so you can get a diversified picture of the whole world of UI design. Since you’ll be reading, you’ll want to do it with your preference of font, font size, font color and whether or not you want a dark theme or light theme for easy reading at any time of day, and of course this app gives you the ability to customize all of that.

The design news app is free for download at the iTunes store.

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