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So it’s 2014, a brand new year. It’s hard to say what exactly will happen, but some things can be said. 

2014 is the year of the sink or swim, fly or die, natural selection, you name it. To survive, new apps must bring in something new, useful and useable too. While these rules have applied to developers since the dawn of time, things get more ‘brutal’ with every year. 

As a case study, take the Apple iOS app store. There are about one million apps. In 2013, apps made $8 million. That averages $8,000 per app, which in a year doesn’t go too far. On top of that, it’s known to all that many apps make millions, leaving an even smaller share to startups. Naturally, instead of splitting the leftovers, the apps that bring in something new, stand out from the rest and are easy to use will be the ones left standing, while the others will crash. There’s little to no room for traditional competition - the ‘let me open the same business in the same market segment’. Now, if you’re not new, different and better, you’re out. 

But even if you pass the initial selection, being the first mover alone doesn’t cut it. 

User experience and interaction design 

Besides having people use products, HOW they use it is crucial. Interactiveness has been growing exponentially. Design stopped being just about sketching up a page. Interaction design and how the user interacts directly with the content has become an essential. This year sees the focus land on user experience. In a time when everyone is moving towards flat designs to keep up with the times, the benefits of high quality user interfaces are finally being recognized. Fast, powerful and providing excellent user experience, frameworks like backbone.js, angular.js and node.js are taking the spotlight, with startups staying on the leading edge with new front-end architectures. 

To match today’s design needs, JavaScript development today is enormous. The old belief that you could get away by learning basic languages and scrapping something together doesn’t hold up anymore. Any design that is not outstanding blends in with the rest - just ‘good’ isn’t good enough. This year a winning design must be extremely intuitive, elegant and functional all at once, and if you take away any of the three you’re back to being white noise. 

More is less 

Rather than adding features, websites and apps have been dropping them. This is part of an attempt to make the user experience as streamlined as possible. The days are counted for complex products with 2,000 features. Users are looking for things that are easy to use and serve their purpose well without unnecessary additions. With the ever-growing usage of mobile phones, this trend also intends to keep the interactions via mobile and computers similar, encouraging users to use their product anywhere they go. 

Keywords: Technical Founder 

Contrary to what most accelerators and investors swear by, the founder/cofounder model is departing, and replacing it are startups led by sole technical founders. The knowledge and the ability to create your vision with your own hands is invaluable. Having a strong and motivated team around you to complement that is the key to taking off. 



At Trekeffect, we like to stay on the leading edge: all of the interface is created focusing on an optimally interactive user experience using the best technology available. Our software is the first of its kind, and deals with a colossal need for travel planning solutions. Our team is formed of the best people in their areas, all of which are extremely determined to push Trekeffect straight to the top.  

While there’s no concrete step by step guide to 2014, following these trends guarantees that you will be one step ahead for anything this year has reserved for developers.


Written by Jason Biondo, Contributing Writer for Meetadvisors



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