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15 Up and Coming Financial Services Companies Across the US

Managing your company’s finances can be a difficult task that results in a lot of stress.  Making the right financial decision for your company is important and these 15 companies can help you make the best decision for your needs.  

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1. Expect Payment Solutions 27

Expect Payment Solutions, a company with more than 30 years of industry expertise, is a company that specializes in credit card processing.  Expect Payment Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your electronic transaction needs.  Their highly trained associates will help guide you through the whole process from swiping your first card to improve speed. 

2. Bocchino & Donato 3

Bocchino & Donato (B&D) is a premier international business-to-business debt collection agency that is known for providing clients with outstanding full service debt collection solutions.  B&D believes that they can offer so much more than that to their clients.  In fact, they can protect your professional reputation, preserve your image and integrity, and they can also help you recover your assets quickly and efficiently.  B&D uses only the most current debt recovery technology in order to keep up-to-date for their clients’ needs.

3. Oak Mortgage Group 2

Oak Mortgage Group is a residential mortgage company who believes that every client deserves to be treated with respect, which starts by seeing clients as people, not paychecks.  Oak Mortgage Group starts the process with a custom appointment to get to know you, your needs, and your financial situation.  Then, they put together a mortgage for you to purchase or refinance.  Once your house has been appraised, Oak Mortgage Group funds your loan in a smooth, efficient process.  Oak Mortgage Group’s attention to detail brings clients the peace of mind they need while dealing with financial situations.


4. Glassman Wealth Services 2

Glassman Wealth Services gives clients access to unparalleled investment and wealth management services.  Glassman Wealth advisors don’t charge hidden fees and they don’t earn commissions, either – your interests are what matters most.  In order to build an open, responsive, and inclusive relationship, advisors simply listen and ask more questions, because they believe the key to building a well-designed portfolio is reflected through you.  They also help you understand more, in a language you can understand so you can help make more complex decisions. 

5. XML Financial Group 2

XML Financial Group has almost 40 years of combined experience, which has led to them earning a reputation for being a premier independent wealth management firm in Maryland.  XML financial planning advisors provide clients with a first-class experience that addresses every aspect of their portfolio from asset titling and estate planning, to comprehensive insurance planning, and more.  As an independent financial services firm, XML advisors give clients unbiased advice that can help them active both long and short term objectives. 

6. Impact Financial Systems 2

Impact Financial Systems (IFS) is a leading provider of business automation solutions for the financial services and brokerage industry.  Their revolutionary approach allows business users to automate and maintain complex process challenges in demanding business environments.  IFS provides customers with a true and trusted partner relationship in order to help add the best practice expertise, avoid roadblocks, and enhance project implementation by eliminating the need to educate internal or external consultants on the target process.

7. Mela Capital Group 2

Mela Capital Group is a nationally recognized mortgage quality control risk mangament firm.  MCG is a boutique services firm who has assisted US Customs, ICE, the FBI, the US Postal Inspector General, and other agencies in unraveling complex criminal schemes involving mortgage fraud.  MCG helps you understand and manage risk in order to efficiently operate your risk management practices. 

8. Bank Associates Merchant Services 2

Bank Associates Merchant Services (BAMS) provides credit and debit authorization services and bankcard settlement processing to direct merchant customers.  Their team is committed to helping clients grow and become more profitable.  BAMS is committed to providing superior quality and service while optimizing merchant’s mix of payment options to ensure an increase in their bottom line.    

9. Integrated Payroll Services 2

Integrated Payroll Services is a boutique provider of payroll/workforce technology and supporting services.  IPS continuously pursues and develops improved technology solutions and effectively integrates them into their processes so you can stay ahead of the challenges you face.  Working with IPS means that your account gets a dedicated account manager who can really get to know your business, and they are also trained to support the entire IPS 360 platform. 

10. First Mortgage Solutions 1

First Mortgage Solutions is a family owned and locally operated Mortgage Company that was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and experience.  First Mortgage Solutions specializes in refinance, purchase, home equity, and debt consolidation loans, and it is their goal to find the best loan program for each individual homeowner.  While understanding that each client’s financial situation is different, they provide clients with plans that meet their goals.    

11. Tucker, Albin & Associates 1

Tucker, Albin & Associates is a commercial collection agency that specializes in commercial debt collection and asset recovery.  Tucker, Albin & Associates provide clients with diplomatic mediation, debt litigation services, and international asset recovery in a way that ensures maximum debt recovery without jeopardizing your client relationships.  By using state of the art technologies with an industry-leading network of agents, attorneys and investigators provide you with the most complete, motivated, and efficient collection services possible.  Stop worrying about past due balances, have Tucker, Albin & Associates take care of it for you.

12. IQR Consulting 1

IQR Consulting’s mission is to build a platform of diversified products and services that helps drive sustainable long-term growth while delivering extrinsic and intrinsic value for clients.  IQR Consulting provides clients with strategic business analytics, business intelligence, and competitive benchmarking solutions.  IQR Consulting has the ability to create a qualitative understanding of your business through the use of scientific models that can help you make the tough decisions. 

13. Krilogy Financial 1

Krilogy Financial is a boutique financial services firm that is focused on developing customized wealth management strategies for today’s modern investor.  Whether you’re looking for wealth mangament or accumulation, Krilogy Financial offers a seamless pathway for you to unite your financial needs all in one location.  They believe that the three key building blocks of financial success are financial planning, portfolio management, and insurance services.  When you think of your money, future, and financial plan, you want a firm that can provide action and energy focused on the goals that you want to achieve for yourself and family; Krilogy Financial can be that lifelong partner for you. 

14. Strategic Wealth Partners 1

Strategic Wealth Partners specializes in wealth management strategies for business professionals and entrepreneurs by helping you make smart financial decisions throughout every life stage.  Their team of financial experts is with you every step of the way to help you grow and protect your assets, minimize tax consequences, and maximize gains from liquidity events.  Strategic Wealth Partners takes a dynamic, modern approach to wealth management by providing you with customized, flexible, and current strategies.

15. Alonzo, Bacarisse, Irvine & Palmer 0

Alonzo, Bacarisse, Irvine & Palmer (ABIP) provides Houston and surrounding areas with tax, audit, and advisory services in order to stay ahead of a fast paced and ever-changing business environment.  ABIP is an award-winning firm with over 45 employees and 19 CPA’s on staff.  Their firm has the knowledge and experience that you expect from a large firm, while maintaining personalized services of a smaller firm, because they treat every client relationship like a true partnership.  ABIP’s three main departments include assurance, tax and consulting, and advisory services, which gives them the opportunity to assist you at every stage of your growth cycle. 

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