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15 Home Improvement Companies to Spiff up the Old Abode

If you’re in the mood for a change and feng shui with your living room furniture isn’t doing it for you, it may be time to invest in remodeling or redesign. We’ve thought of everything you may need in that process and  compiled a list of fifteen home improvement companies that will help you in the remodel or redesign process.

Have we left out a key ingredient of the pie? Let us know and we’ll add it on!

1. Neato Robotics 1

Specialization is key for this company, which designs robot vacuum cleaners for your floors. Using scanning technology, the vacuu-bot plans the sweep of the room before executing cleaning. To boot, models are shaped specifically to get deep into corners. Born out of Stanford University’s annual Entrepreneurial Challenge, these bots promise happier hassle-free vacuum experiences.


2. Mak Design and Build 1

A remodeling company with a mission to design, construct, and stay within budget on interiors, Mak Design and Build creates stunning spaces. Sleek and stylish, this up-to-date company sports many contractor awards and an impressive array of gallery images. Very personally oriented, let these guys meet you and design a new space for you to enjoy.


3. Room 2 Roof Restoration 0

“Experiencing Hail on Earth?” is the current tagline for this commercial and residential roofing and restoration company. Servicing the Southeastern states of North and South Carolina and Georgia, Room 2 Roof has a professional approach to leaky ceilings- and does siding, too. This company is backed by a whole webpage of certifications and awards.

4. Spectrum Home Services Inc 0

Once you’re furnished and ready to rumble- maybe you’ve had your housewarming party and a few messes were made- call this company to clean your dwelling space. Spruce up with their extensive services, or call in a handyman for specific problems. Spectrum offers the whole array, including personal care for the elderly.


5. Lillian August 0

Lillian August is as chic as it sounds, designing interiors and furnishings for the well-made home. Offering some beautiful, if pricey, options for your interiors as well as a home-grown and touching backstory, trust these people to dress your home up. Or dress it yourself by purchasing furnishings from their online catalog!

6. Axiom Design 0

Axiom Design is “Your electronic life. Simplified.” Designing personalized home entertainment systems is their game, and they have a proven method of working with technology to make it work for the homeowner. From music to climate control and security, count on them for intelligent design.


7. Gro-rite Garden Center 0

This garden center is a true greenhouse, with a 110 acre farm to grow their products. Family owned from the beginning, these people really care about plants and hand-raise much of what they sell from seedlings. They really know green, and have a mobile app, too!


8. Focus 0

Focus manufactures custom illumination for entertainment, ornamental, landscaping, and practically any other purpose. As one of very few companies in the industry, they provide a full line of odds and ends to accomplish outdoor lighting projects. Their product line is available online- take a look!


9. Mark Systems 0

Mark Systems provides the only single-database, ERP based information management application, as well as a host of support for the product. They offer the best residential construction software out there, ensuring that you will stay on budget and on task, organize the supplies you need, and get the job done right.


10. Franklin Building Supply 0

Franklin Building Supply offers a full service team dedicated to making sure you, the DIY homeowner, can buy the stuff you need to upgrade your home. Also servicing contractors and construction companies, if Franklin doesn’t have it, you probably don’t need it. Take part in a how-to workshop at FBS if you need some help, or ask their staff- they’re the pros.


11. Gravina 0

Gravina’s is a family owned window company in the Denver area specializing in “just the right product”, as evidenced by their claim that a Gravina’s customer is a savvy consumer who takes the time to research what they want. Their website, as their service, is laden with tips on greening up your energy consumption using windows and doors, along with a host of other portal-specific information.


12. R Cubed (R3) 0

R^3 stands for renovation, remodeling, and restoration for any home. Adding “a whole new level of dynamic beauty” with every job, the team at R Cubed has been working in the Michigan area for over 30 years.


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