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15 Health Apps that Shape You

15 Health Apps that Shape You



Keeping up with your health is a challenge. Making time for exercise, developing the right diet, and monitoring progress are just a few ways to keep in shape, but it is 2014 and you know you can do more. Whether you are looking to refine your healthy lifestyle, or you need a complete overhaul, these mobile apps will get you moving in the right direction.

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1. ChartSpan 2514


Sure, you can stick a filing cabinet full of your family’s medical documents in your closet. Or you can manage the same files from your mobile device. ChartSpan makes it easy to access, and request, all of your medical history in moments. Best of all, the app is free and encrypted, keeping all of your information private at no cost.

2. Pokitdok 2323


Ever wonder if you are paying too much for your healthcare? Pokitdok has created a mobile application that helps you find providers, as well as compare prices of the providers in your area. It also allows you to request personalized quotes from healthcare providers, which you have 30 days to decide whether that quote works for your budget. Pokitdok helps you keep medical cost surprises at a minimum.

3. captureproof 1043


Everybody heals differently. With captureproof, physicians and patients can interact via mobile app to monitor the healing process, eliminating the need for unnecessary appointments. Doctors can receive photos and videos of symptoms, then determine when and how to best treat patients. By reducing the need for extraneous follow up appointments, patients can save time and physicians can treat more patients.

4. Gritness 238


The Gritness app is part search engine, part social media, all in the name of fitness. Users can easily search for the right place to work out, anywhere in the world. They can also connect with other users who enjoy similar physical activities. If you own a business that provides a place to sweat, you can promote with Gritness as well.

5. Fitly 6


For the price of ordering a fast food meal, Fitly provides you with means to a healthier diet. Simply choose a recipe, and Fitly sends you the necessary fresh ingredients, right to your doorstep. The ingredients are locally sourced, the recipes are easy to make, and best of all, its pay-per-use, meaning no long-term commitment. With Fitly, you can eat well and save time.

6. Validic 5


Validic is not trying to create an app to replace existing mobile health apps. Instead, it provides healthcare providers with user-friendly platforms that collect and organize data from popular mobile health apps. By pulling data from pre-existing apps, such as Nike+, Validic allows healthcare providers to synthesize patient information into one place.

7. FitChimp 5


FitChimp is an app designed to keep people moving, even while at work. The app boosts employee health by creating short workout routines you can do in the office. This promotes productivity and fosters the attitude of preventative-health. Best of all, employees feel fit without the need for a shower right after.

8. Fitmob 3


Recognizing that the world is becoming more and more sedentary, Fitmob promotes fun healthy activities to restructure fitness in the world. Stressing that gyms are expensive and impersonal, the app and website provide local options for fun, challenging workouts. Also, the more workouts you partake in, the cheaper it becomes to participate, giving users an incentive to continue a healthy lifestyle.

9. Quitbit 3


Forget the patch, lose the gum: Quitbit has developed a lighter that will make you stop smoking. The device itself not only lights a cigarette with an electric coil, it also tracks how many times you use it by displaying the information on an LCD screen. Sync it with their mobile app to easily track how many cigarettes you are cutting out per day. You can also see how much money you are saving by becoming a non-smoker.

10. Lovelife 2


This app won’t improve your love life, but will instead help you learn to love your life – through healthy eating. The creators of Lovelife designed the app knowing everyone’s dietary needs are different. The app helps users pay attention to how certain foods affect them personally. Users can even deduce whether or not they have allergies to certain foods.

11. SunSprite 2


The sun is your workout’s best friend. SunSprite has created a device that monitors the sun and provides users with the best time to exercise during the day. Benefits include more energy, a healthier sleep cycle, as well as a better overall mood. The device is synced to a mobile app where you can track progress, as well as get personalized tips on how to better improve your workout. Best of all, the device is powered by the sun, just like its users.

12. Networkingout 0


Networkingout is an app designed to take professionals who are already looking to network, and give them opportunities to work out as a group. Users lose weight, lower blood pressure, and most of all, find other users who identify with healthy living. This helps keep users on top of their workout schedule, as well as provide meaningful professional relationships.

13. EyeNetra 0


EyeNetra is devoted to improving eye healthcare across the globe. They have developed the NetraG mobile app, which allows users to conduct their own eye exam without an expensive visit to an optometrist. It can affordably test for anything from nearsightedness to astigmatism, and the results are comparable to what was recently only available using expensive equipment.

14. Addaero 0


Addaero is a web service that provides a suite of tools meant to help athletes and coaches keep track of their training. It can be used on mobile devices, however the service extends further. Nightly emails are sent to remind users of their training progress, and to encourage next steps. Addaero also allows users to connect to other athletes, and even coaches. It is also meant to be affordable, at a low $19.99 per year.

15. Sway Medical 0

Sway Medical

You might not know this, but balance can be measured to determine aspects of your health. Sway is currently the only FDA-approved app for measuring balance. By utilizing the motion sensors built into an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the Sway app can determine whether or not your balance is healthy. Also, although in its beta stage, Sway can also measure, and help improve, reaction time.

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