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15 digital pioneers to follow


Let’s face it: everything is going digital. Most of us carry a phone that also serves as our computer, camera, and even GPS. Thanks to pioneers in digital products and services, new startups are taking innovation to the next level. From new web platforms, to digital hardware to make our lives easier, these fifteen startups are staking claim in the ever-changing digital world.


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1. Mantality Magazine 474


Mantality Magazine is for the quintessential male, providing professional inspiration and a like-minded environment for the man’s man. Having recently expanded their product to include music and movie entertainment coverage, Mantality Magazine gets into the minds of both entrepreneurs, as well as creative types.


2. Project Fixup 425

Based out of Chicago, IL, Project Fixup is a dating website that encourages actual dates, rather than profile-to-profile engagement. Users tell Project Fixup what they are interested in doing, as well as when they are available. Users are then matched with other users who share similar interests and availability. Only when two users agree to a date, will either user be charged for the service.


3. OnTheGo Platforms 253

OnTheGo Platforms has developed an interface (ARI, or Augmented Reality Interface) that can be utilized on smart devices with a camera. Requiring no extra hardware, users can manipulate a device using a wave of their hand. This is particularly useful when combined with Google Glass, allowing users even more control over the hardware. Unlike other gesture recognition devices, it requires very little battery power, making it practical for the everyday mobile device.


4. CASH Music 168

CASH Music is a non-profit devoted to preserving the relationship between musicians and listeners. They built an open source platform that provides musicians with tools to promote themselves, so that audiences and artists alike can benefit. Artists such as Iron and Wine, Ray LaMontagne, and Zola Jesus already utilize CASH Music for their unique approach to music production and distribution.


5. VendScreen 22

How can vending machines become even more convenient? VendScreen has created a product that enables users to purchase vending machine items with their credit card. Using a cloud-based platform, machines using VendScreen can provide nutritional information instantly, as well as monitor inventory. Older vending machines can be retrofitted with the device, as well.


6. Marquee 15

Marquee is a hassle-free publishing platform that enables users to establish a user-friendly, attractive publication. Because it takes considerable time and effort to establish a publishing platform from scratch, Marquee provides the tools to seamlessly incorporate video, images, as well as audio, to enhance web content quickly. Marquee also offers platform solutions that are completely managed by their own team of designers.


7. Renter Resume 6

RenterResume is an online platform that enables a property owner to easily manage tenant applications. By creating a profile, users can specify tenant criteria, collect applications at any time of the day, and easily compare applications to find the ideal tenant. Users can also easily incorporate RenterResume into preexisting advertisements, which are then all sent to the user’s account.


8. IKKOS 4

Not many athletes think to turn to science to improve their physical performance. However, IKKOS has developed a process for athletes to perform better through the integration of neuroscience. It incorporates audiovisual hardware that conditions the brain to respond to visual and auditory cues that help perfect kinesthetic movement.


9. Vinylfy 2


Who says vinyl music is going out of style? Collectors can rejoice with Vinylfy, a social media site devoted to vinyl music. Users can manage their collections online, as well as share with other users what they are looking for. Vinylfy helps listeners find related music by comparing users’ collections. It also helps record labels promote new releases, as well as find potential customers.


10. Chic CEO 2


Chic CEO is a digital resource that provides means for women without a business degree to start their own business. By compiling strategies pertinent to begin developing a successful business, women who are unaware of how to grow their brand have access to straightforward information. Additionally, Chic CEO creates networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurial women.


11. NewsUp 2

The Internet is full of sources of information, and keeping up with the constant influx of new material can be overwhelming. NewsUp is a Baltimore based startup that has created a way to have fun while keeping up with current events. While NewsUp does not write articles, it collects news stories and information and creates trivia for its users. NewsUp works quickly to keep up with current events, and creates an easy, enjoyable way to experience the news.

12. Politcal Tracker 0


Politics can make anyone’s head spin. Political Tracker does what its name implies: track politics. Free to use, Political Tracker allows users to create a place to receive relevant political information on local, as well as global levels. With over one hundred news outlets used by the platform, it becomes easy to learn about and share current political information.


13. Daylight 0

Feeling out of touch with the world of visual art? Daylight is a startup that is reconnecting the world to art and photography. Since most people do not have access to a variety of art in person, Daylight has created an attractive platform for users to experience art digitally, as well as read related content. Artwork is compiled into online editions, incorporating the feel of a social media website.

14. OneMusicPortal 0

OneMusicPortal helps hip-hop artists promote their music, sell merchandise, and monitor analytics of their fans. By providing artists with an all-inclusive marketing platform, fans have access to music downloads, videos, social media links, as well as where to get tickets to concerts. Users have the option of a free account, or for a small fee, a premium “Backstage Pass” account that removes download limits.


15. GIftTime Production, LLC 0

With soccer on the rise in the United States, it will not be long before other European sports become more popularized in America. GiftTime Production, LLC is a digital media site that covers the world of rugby. Based out of Baton Rouge, LA, the website focuses primarly on rugby coverage of the Southeast region of the US, but also includes national coverage. 


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