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15 Companies That Can Help in the Cloud

The “cloud” is a slightly ambiguous term that has become the trend in business and network IT discussions. If a business if thinking of transferring their work to the cloud, or needs some extra IT support, these companies are here to help.


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1. Green Pages 94

Green Pages is an IT cloud management company that places all of a company’s IT data in a central portal. This helps companies keep track of their physical, virtual, and cloud-based production. It also monitors and sends you alerts when needed.


2. Excel Micro Inc. 20

Excel Micro Inc. is a software-as-a-service distributor founded in 1991. They provide software to retailers to resale and helps them with services and support through conference calls, webinars, videos and training. They specialize mainly in cloud security.


3. Cloud Spectator 5

Cloud Spectator is a performance data service that helps customers choose an appropriate cloud provider and analyzes its performance over time. They run their more than 70 tests several times during the day to give you up-to-date information and relevant data.


4. Hosting 2

Hosting provides cloud-based solutions that help companies grow more efficiently. Their services can actually save customer’s money by streamlining their data information. Their customers include industries such as software, healthcare, retail, media and more.


5. Virtacore 1

Virtacore is an enterprise cloud infrastructure company that helps customers with production workloads, disaster recovery, test and development and virtual desktop infrastructure. Their infrastructure platform is easy secure to use.


6. EarthLink Inc. 0

EarthLink Inc. provides and manages cloud systems for multi-location businesses. Their customer base includes retailers, restaurants, healthcare providers, local government and more. They operate over 28,000 fiber cable miles to help them complete their service.


7. ATScloud 0

ATScloud is a cloud software provider that focuses on security and hybrid-cloud solutions. They work in the legal, government and healthcare industries. They give customers the ability to customize the software and use their brand at a great price.


8. Ingram Micro Cloud 0

Ingram Micro Cloud serves as an mCSP, or a master cloud service provider. They serve as a full-service cloud provider to help small businesses get the right technology for them. Their marketplace provides several different cloud solutions and programs to help companies succeed. They also provide customer service and support to improve the technology for the customer.


9. Logicworks 0

Logicworks is a private cloud hosting system that helps support healthcare industries. They work to make sure their technology is HIPAA compliant so that companies can work securely. Their goal is to solve IT problems for their customers.


10. Right Scale 0

Right Scale provides cloud-based software and cloud solutions to companies who need to improve their IT performance. They help with public, private and hybrid cloud systems to help customers work more efficiently. Right Scale has worked with customers such as Pearson International and PBS.


11. CA Technologies 0

CA Technologies is a retailer that sells several software platforms that help with productivity in the work place. First the Intellicenter gives an IT portfolio of investments, services and assets. The Development center helps develop content. The Operations Center helps people maximize performance. The Secure Center helps companies keep devices and information secure.


12. Microland 0

Microland provides India’s first Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services. Built in 1989, they work with companies to create hybrid IT transformations to work for their company. They are ranked as one of the best Infrastructure Management Company in the world.


13. Liaison Technologies 0

Liaison Technologies focuses on global data management and integration. Their goal is to streamline data in the cloud to make work more efficient. They create individualized solutions for 7,000 plus companies around the world including the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the UK.


14. Joyent 0

Joyent is a container deployment company that uses cloud-based technology to more efficiently keep track of shipments. They offer public and private cloud software to help companies organize and maintain their container shipments efficiently.


15. Safe Systems 0

Safe Systems provides IT solutions that are safe and secure. These include cloud, email and compliance serves. They are an award-winning company that works hard to improve the speed and security of their customer’s technology use.


Know any other cloud companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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