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15 Companies Dedicated to Your Wellness

It’s 2014; most of us know it takes more than an apple per day to keep the doctor away. Knowing how to take care of yourself is important, but sometimes a specialist is required to provide you with the proper health knowledge. These 15 companies might all be in different industries, but they are all dedicated to providing a service or product that helps us stay at the top of our wellness.

1. The Behavior Center of Michigan 0

Many people either require mental health care, or know someone who will, during their lifetime. The Behavior Center of Michigan, or BCOM, is a psychiatric health facility with a staff ready to care for patients with a wide range of needs. Whether receiving outpatient or inpatient care, the BCOM has many programs to help someone who needs psychiatric care. They understand that everyone is unique and provide the appropriate treatment for all of their patents.

2. Dairy Lab Services 0

With a commitment to accuracy, detail, confidentiality and a quality service for its members, Dairy Lab Services tests over 1500 dairy farms across the Midwest. A variety of tests are offered and performed to ensure dairy products being manufactured adhere to the requirements of regulatory agencies such as the FDA. They test for quality, as well as to identify unwanted mastitis cultures such as E. Coli.

3. OMI Diagnostics Inc. 0

OMI Diagnostics has been serving the Atlanta area since 1994 and provides outpatient medical imaging at each of its five locations. Services include open MRI, x-ray, high-field MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, EEG, and high field open MRI. Each location has a physician on site devoted to making sure you have access to quality medical imaging in a comfortable setting.

4. Immuno Laboratories 0

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Immuno Laboratories has one of the best food and environmental allegy testing facilities. Physicians at Immuno Labs have performed over 30 million tests that measure food sensitivity. Through research, they have also created the “Bloodprint Test” and “Airborne & Food Allergy Test,” both of which aid users in determining allergies. Their tests also take into account vegetarian and kosher diets.

5. Antibodies Incorporated 0

With a 40-acre facility, Antibodies Incorporated is a company that develops immunology products. They utilize laboratories, manufacturing plants, as well as animal care facilities; and also contributes to academic and industry research to help scientists develop immunology products. For over 42 years, Antibodies Incorporated has been a supplier of high quality antibodies for competitive prices.

6. Visiting Angels 0

Visiting Angels is an eldercare provider that was founded in 1998 and currently services the United States and Canada. It meets the needs of the elderly population that desire to continue living at home, rather than an assisted living facility. Visiting Angels has a team of professionals that are able to meet all the needs of each client, whether they are in need hourly, overnight, or around the clock. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease are also able to receive care from a specialist trained to maintain the quality of life for the patient and their family.

7. Acute Care Inc. 0

Acute Care Inc. was founded in 1989 in Des Moines, IA and currently provides 60 hospitals with means of developing quality Emergency Department practices. They include hospital staffing, qualified physicians, nurses, and physician assistants, in their service. Typically assisting non-urban, rural areas, they also have partnerships in other states/territories throughout the Midwest with a focus in smaller to moderate-sized hospitals.

8. InterCure Ltd. 0

InterCure has created the world’s first non-drug hypertension treatment that has been approved by the FDA, called RESPeRATE. It helps people with hypertension by generating external rhythms, which the body’s respiratory system naturally tries to follow. This allows users of the technology to enter into a “Therapeutic Zone” that helps improve their blood pressure and natural breathing patterns.

9. New England Dermatology Laser Center 0

Lasers aren’t just for science fiction. Today they are used in a variety of ways, including solutions for the health of your skin, fingernails, and hair. The New England Dermatology Laser Center specializes in dermatology treatment. They provide general dermatology, Mohs surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and laser surgery. They even help clients break their habit of nail biting.

10. LiveProcess 0

With its inception in 2004 in Burlington, Massachusetts, LiveProcess has been focused on providing healthcare organizations with tools to effectively collaborate. They have developed software that helps with communication between healthcare companies, as well as a ways to improve team collaboration. Their software is used in 46 states, as well as 8 different countries. Users of their software, HealthCORe, are able to communicate in real-time to reduce interruptions in providing care.

11. DDS Lab 0

DDS Lab is a manufacturer of oral prosthetics such as full cast dental restoration, non-metal/ceramic crowns, and other specialized oral prosthetic solutions. With 26 years of experience in its industry, they have both fixed and removable specialists on staff. Their products are certified by the NBC Dental Lab and only utilize materials approved by the FDA, so as to provide their clients with the most current, safe technology. With a rigorous 6-point inspection of all products, clients can be assured they are receiving the best.

12. Trisonics Inc. 0

Trisonics Inc. specializes in servicing and distributing ultrasound equipment in parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey. They have the experience necessary to understand exactly what a health care facility needs. They service ultrasound machines, as well as sell parts from a variety of manufacturers. They even provide a 24/7 ultrasound repair service so a health practice will not spend time without their necessary equipment.

13. Gastroenterology of the Rockies 0

Based out of Colorado, the Gastroenterology of the Rockies specializes in colorectal cancer (CRC) treatment. Since colorectal cancer is the third most common in the United States, they treat patients with CRC, as well as provide advice on how to prevent it. Some procedures are done at their center, and they provide recovery rooms to make the initial recovery process less uncomfortable.

14. WellCall 0

WellCall “makes wellness work” and does so by helping patients lose weight, quit smoking, manage their stress, manage healthy eating, and maintain a fit lifestyle. With success rates over 80% for any given category of wellness, patients can count on WellCall to help them decide to make healthier life choices. Though they are based out of San Francisco, Califronia, companies from anywhere in the U.S. can receive support to implement healthier practices at work. WellCall provides employees and their families with support to live a healthier lifestyle, helping companies spend less on health care in the future.

15. Genetic Associates Inc. 0

No, Genetic Associates Inc won’t clone your dog. They will, however, perform genetic testing for a developing fetus, newborn children, growing children, adults, as well as those with cancer, to help physicians determine the best course for treatment of a variety of conditions. Cytogenetic tests performed by Genetic Associates Inc. are not meant to lessen other forms of diagnosis but are meant as a supplement to help patients make educated decisions about healthcare. They have been performing DNA testing since 1990.

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