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15 Cloud-Based Companies Blowing Away the Competition

15 Cloud-Based Companies Blowing Away the Competition



When we think of clouds, we usually think of the large, fluffy substances in the sky that sometimes look like animals, but in today’s world, many businesses are harnessing the power of the “electronic cloud.”  How does your business tackle this new cloud?  Check out these 15 cloud-based companies and see how your business can tap into the power of the “cloud!”

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1. LiveLOOK 338


LiveLOOK, a leading provider of cloud-based, real-time visual collaboration with innovative technology for co-browsing and screen sharing, improves customer interactions and increases the quality of them.  LiveLOOK helps companies increase first call resolution rates, while decreasing call handling time and increasing customer satisfaction scores.  The ability to resolve issues effectively through visual guidance helps customers through web and mobile environments that are often hard to follow.    

2. SafeSoft Solutions 312

SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions is a leader in cloud-based contact center software for small to medium sized businesses.  SafeSoft Solutions’ Cloud Contact Center software makes things so easy for you.  In fact, all you have to do is open a browser, login, and start talking to customers.  These customer calls are delivered through the cloud directly to your headset and personal computer.  SafeSoft Solutions also provides intelligent call routing, screen pops, IVR screen service, predictive dialing, and much, much more, all remotely.

3. Buildium 161


Buildium provides simple, affordable cloud-based software to landlords and professional property management of all sizes.  Buildium cuts down your time spend on paperwork and can help boost your profitability.  Keep a full record of transactions associated with tenants, allow applicants to complete online rental applications, and run reports with their on-demand report tool.

4. Pedigree Technologies 100

Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies is an award-winning provider of web-based software solutions that helps companies track, monitor, and diagnose high-value assets, while collaborating with mobile workers through one platform.  This innovative platform gives companies the ability to see, in real-time, their operations and manage them when necessary.  Their intuitive, turnkey solutions use the best commercial software and SaaS delivery model to keep entry costs low and return on investments high. 

5. WebPT 13


WebPT gives medical professionals, specifically physical therapists, the ability to increase effectiveness in documentation management and decrease costs associated with it.  WebPT gives you the ability to create, correct, complete patient records and also allows you to manage appointment calanders which send out automatic reminders.  With the ability to see how the business is going in real-time reports, it also allows you to manage your billing with automatic claim submissions.

6. NetDirector 11


NetDirector partners with vendors and servicers to allow subscribers the ability to move data and documents securely across the cloud in order to improve business processes and standard compliance. Their approach reduces labor costs while streamlining the difficult workflow process.  Their vision is to be the leading provider of innovative and secure cloud-based data exchange for all industries while providing high quality customer service.

7. Clearleap 8


Clearleap, a multiscreen platform, powers compelling new multiscreen business opportunities that allow for premium content owners and TV providers.  With their own Clearleap platform to simplify the process, their successful solutions, and their dedicated team, they open the door for campaigns to scale across multiple mediums.  Gone are the days that people just watch TV on their televisions at home.  Now, people are watching video content on tablets, computers, game consoles, smart TV’s, and smartphones, which leads to them having higher expectations.  Clearleap’s powerful platform empowers top television brands and providers the opportunity to simply operations and increase flexibility during creation and sustaining processes of the campaign. 

8. ePath Learning, Inc. 6

ePath Learning, Inc.

ePath Learning, Inc. is a leader in cloud-based enterprise learning services.  In order to enable your organization the ability to manage training and create learning opportunities, ePath Learning provides solutions that help improve business and employee performance.  Online training can allow you to increase your competitive advantage, improve compliance reporting and collaboration, increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention, and much more!

9. Position Logic 5

Position Logic

Position Logic provides GPS Tracking Software for any device, anywhere in the world.  In order to start a GPS Tracking Business, it is imperative to have the right servers, software, and support in order to provide your customers with top-of-the-line features like geofencing capabilities, increasing fleet awareness, and efficiency.  Position Logic can customize, install, train, and have you up and running with a solution that meets all your GPS needs.



MSIGHTS provides corporate marketers a single view of their marketing performance by automating the entire data collection process, saving you precious time.  By bringing all of your data into one place, your data becomes easier to manage and read.  By using MSIGHTS, you have more time to analyze the data to uncover what is valuable and invaluable to your company.  Instant access to your results allows you to make on-the-spot decisions that have immediate results.

11. Levementum 1


Levementum is a leading cloud solutions provider that lets you leverage the features of the cloud while gaining business momentum.  The Levementum team brings specific knowledge and understanding of building custom systems to help take advantage of the benefits that IT infrastructure has.  While some applications have a perceive risk in security, data federation, and data management, Levementum handles this as well.

12. Demand Solutions Group 1

Demand Solutions Group

Demand Solutions Group believes that running an effective business isn’t just about having the right software, it’s also about having the right business expertise and experience that they can offer you.  While putting their customers first, DSG team members understand your problems and have the know-how to provide you with the top services.  DSG also helps clients drive maximum business value from their on-demand CRM, ERP, and eBusiness solutions. 

13. Strikelron 1


StrikeIron provides businesses with SMS mobile messaging in order for businesses to communicate with customers more effectively.  SMS mobile messaging is a quick form of communication and can be easily personalized, plus customers prefer texting over other mediums of communication.  SrikeIron’s SMS Mobile Messaging API has helped countless businesses build SMS into their applications for notifications, alerts, mobile marketing, verifications, reminders, and much more. 

14. PowerDMS 0


PowerDMS is a cloud-based solution that reduces liability and improves compliance processes.  PowerDMS gives you the power to manage critical documents, train employees, and maintain accreditation standards all while decreasing risk and wasted time and increasing efficiency and money.  Over 1400 organizations already trust this award winning company, so should you. 

15. Core Informatics 0

Core Informatics

Core Informatics provides innovative data management software to accelerate scientific discovery and collaboration.  Through their cloud-hosted Platform for Science, Core Informatics can provide a Core Foundation database and a continuously expanding marketplace of applications.  Labs, can receive their accounts within hours of signing and can be in production on the Platform for Science in a matter of days, versus the months to years of traditional custom systems.  This unique science platform gives the scientific community a flexible, cost effective, secure way to collect, store, analyze, and share information.

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