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13 Up and Coming San Francisco Startups

13 Up and Coming San Francisco Startups

We all know San Fancisco is a hopping place for startups. Many popular companies have made a name for themselves in Silicon Valley. Here are 13 up and coming startups from San Francisco that MeetAdvisors will be keeping an eye on.

1. Sidelines

Sidelines is a mobile app that offers expert sports talk on any site for free. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you can still showcase your analytical skills. This startup distributes discussions and helps with doubling time-on-site, increasing page views, and increasing revenue for content publishers.  

2. Whalepath

Whalepath offers an on-demand research platform connecting professionals to students. Professionals are able to order business research from qualified post-graduate students and set their price based on complexity and timing. Acquiring research is made efficient and affordable using this startup’s  patent-pending technology.  

3. Survata

Survata is a research company based out of San Francisco that allows businesses to gain consumer insight before they make a business decision. Survata helps companies create survey questions by having research experts review survey questions, and then target the right audience to achieve the best results. Users are able to invite other coworkers or clients to collaborate on the same survey, and every survey gets feedback from a professional survey analyst, who will ensure the questions follow best practices.

4. EdSurge 

EdSurge is a community of educators, techies, and administrators focused on implementing technology in the education system. Edsurge researches technology innovations to help educators have more effective tools to teach their students. This organization works with educators, entrepreneurs, and investors that support companies and schools, to report on the latest trends in the edtech industry.

5. Intercom

Since 2011, Intercom’s mission has been to help businesses connect with their users in real time. Its platform allows businesses to send personalized messages to users when it matters most by analyzing customers’ behaviors.

6. Everest

Everest is a community of people sharing their life journey via photos and text. This growing community allows you post and share your moments, follow interesting people and create amazing web profiles.

7. Smore

Founded in 2011, Smore helps you design flyers and publish online, instantly. Users choose a design, and customize it easily, they can then view it on their mobile device. This startup also offers tools to help you promote your content effectively and use analytics to track numbers.    

8. LiveMinutes

LiveMinutes is an online collaboration platform allowing users to create a workspace and invite their team to collaborate. The idea is to simplify teamwork and workflow through LiveMinutes platform. It is being used by startups, project managers, educators and many more professionals seeking real time collaboration.

9. Keen IO

Keen IO is a San Francisco startup that works to relieve users pain when it comes to gathering data they need. Gather any data, from any source, store it for as long as you want, and transform the data into knowledge using Keen IO’s powerful API’s. Many companies either can't find an analytics service to fit their needs, or don't have the resources to create their own analytics. Keen IO works with these companies to give them access to data that is relevant to them.

10. BrightBytes

BrightBytes is an online platform that gathers ideas from the best experts in the world using research-based frameworks in combination with school and district analytics to give educators the tools they need to understand and improve student learning outcomes. Their solutions are specifically designed to address the unique needs of educational leaders globally. This startup is working to impact how students learn around the world.

11. Shyp

Shyp is a mobile app, that allows consumers to easily ship products to their doorstep. All they need to do is take a picture of the items they want to ship, request for pick-up and let the Shyp team take care of the rest. You can choose a location anywhere in the world, this startup will ship it there.

12. Edyn

Edyn provides engineering marvels to help gardens grow.  Edyn’s systems will measure all of the soil and weather conditions of consumers' gardens, and alert them to any improvements that have to be made to create a healthy, sustainable garden. Edyn will even manage gardens according to the conditions in and around them.

13. Shopseen

Founded in 2013, Shopseen works with small business to help them increase sales and create an easy workflow. This startup provides clients with a platform that offers automated inventory management, streamlined workflow and much more. Promote, sync, and ship your products from one place.

Know any San Francisco startups we should have included? Leave a comment below and we will consider them for our next list!

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