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13 New Ways to Think About Education

Education is something that everyone is forced to do for a certain amount of time.  These startups are striving to make education not something we’re forced to do, but rather something we can engage with and become inspired from. These education startups are combining new ways of learning with new technology in order to reach each and every student in a better manner.  Just as B. B. King said, “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."  

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If we forgot any Education companies, let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next Education list!


1. Accredible 185

Accredible helps students find online courses that match their interests, in fact, there are over 6,000 online courses from the best providers to choose from.  Accredible also gives you interactive certificates that describe both the learning outcomes of your course and the work you have done to achieve them.  This certificate showcases your interactive credentials, including your projects, notes, tests, and teacher’s comments. 

2. Bloc 140

Bloc, the world’s largest online bootcamp, gives people the exciting opportunity of building real apps with a mentor.  Not only does Bloc offer a self-paced curriculum and membership, but also a holistic program that is designed to get you results.  Mentors are Bloc are experienced professionals that act as your coach, experienced guide, and provide you with the knowledge of being in the industry for years.

3. Kibin 13

Kibin is a professional proofreading and editing service that helps people become better writers. Kibin’s services are available day and night, and you can even request delivery as fast as just three hours. Simply upload your text file, select how fast you would like it reviewed, and a Kibin proofreader will e-mail you back your proofread/edited document.

4. One Month 5

Coding.  It can be a daunting topic, but with the help of One Month, students can learn how to code online in just one month.  Their online video and social integration model allows people to finish with real projects that they can use to get job offers, promoted, or even start their own company.  Class topics range from building your first web app to HTML, to building apps in iOS and much more.  Students can choose between a solo plan, which allows you to have access to the class for one year, or you can choose to learn with a mentor online.

5. Codementor 4

Codementor gives people the opportunity to connect with experienced developers that can instantly help you on topics like Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, iOS (and more) via screen sharing, video, and text chatting.  Having the opportunity of getting help right away allows you to overcome difficult challenges which helps you speed up your development process.  Having the peace of mind that expert developers from across over 30 categories, can make your coding process a much simpler one.

6. Socrative 3

Socrative gives teachers the opportunity to engage and assess their students with educational activities on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With the opportunity for teachers to be able to use real time questioning, teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding. Socrative gives teachers the ability to make informed decisions about how to best use the remaining time in class and can allow for personalized learning on a student-by-student basis.

7. MasteryConnect 2

MasteryConnect makes focusing on your core curriculum easy by being able to share and discover common assessments and resources, track mastery of standards, and collaborate. Mastery tracking allows teachers to save time by assessing what their students know in real-time with relationship to the Common Core standards. MasteryConnect also gives teachers the ability to save time with instant grading tools, which are available for download on mobile devices and tablets, and also through their website.

8. Curriculet 2

Curriculet, a digital reading platform, gives teachers the space to post questions, quizzes, and rich media throughout the texts they teach.  Teachers are able to embed these assessments to connect to the Common Core Standards as well.  Each time the students interact with the text, data is collected and able to be presented to teachers in an easy way to help teachers adjust daily instruction and drive student achievement.  Curriculet also gives school districts the ability to purchase ebooks at a lower cost, which allows teachers to broaden their reading list and keep students excited about the next text.

9. Blendspace 1

Blendspace is the easiest way to create and deliver digital lessons in order to cater to students various needs. The drag and drop interface and content partnerships help teachers build lesson plans in only five minutes! Built-in assessments, lesson tracking, and simple sharing makes Blendspace the place to go for lesson plans.

10. Mytonomy 1

Mytonomy is a social network designed to give students advice from people like them.  From succeeding in high school, to picking the right college, Mytonomy is full of advice to give to students.  There are thousands of videos that give students advice on how to succeed in school, preparing for college, information on college majors, experiences on campus life, career path information, and much more!

11. CodeHS 1

CodeHS is a program designed to help teach computer science to beginners, focusing on high school aged students. Equipped with web-based curriculum, teacher tools, and teacher training, CodeHS’s “class in a box,” is the go to source for teachers wanting to start a computer science class.

12. Hunie 0

Hunie created a platform in order to foster a culture of learning that goes far beyond the typical academic setting. Hunie has created a community that is engaged and focused on growth and learning. This type of platform attracts and creates the best talent. Hunie’s innovative platform gives people the opportunity to upload their work and get constructive critiques on it, not just views, likes, or followers. Hunie also lets peers collaborate with one another on projects.

13. Wyzant 0

WyzAnt is helping people find the right tutor for their specific needs through their online marketplace for in-person and online tutors.  Both parents and students can look at tutor bios, credentials, customer reviews, and background checks in order to ensure that they find the right tutor.  Finding a tutor has never been easier – simply search, review your matches, schedule a time that works for you, and begin learning!  WyzAnt realizes that all students learn differently, so they also offer access to thousands of free educational resources including a Q&A forum, how-to videos, lesson plans, and much more.

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