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13 Companies Making Waves

Have you ever been inspired to create your own company or invest in one?  This list features 13 companies that are making waves across the US.  Their unique ideas have touched countless people, but their businesses are all quite unique.  Take a look at these companies – we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on them!

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1. GoVoluntr 855

GoVoluntr makes volunteering fun and engaging by creating a social platform to help quantify and share your altruistic nature.  This social platform helps you connect with friends, find volunteer opportunities, and then quantify those hours for virtual and real-world rewards.  So far, they have tracked over 47,000 volunteer hours.

2. Gymtrack 427

Gymtrack’s smart aftermarket equipment allows your gym members to automatically track their workouts and receive audio feedback in real-time.  Their platform also allows for virtual personal training as well.  What can it track you ask?  It automatically records weight and equipment used, repetitions, and number of sets completed on any exercise and it also measures metrics like force, power, explosiveness, range of motion, and more.  

3. SpeakUp 64

Speakup gives everyone at your company the power to create positive change. By “employee-sourcing” the innovation process, the whole team can participate in solving problems and generating new ideas. Anyone with a company email address can register your company’s secure SpeakUp account for free @ getspeakup.com.

4. WeDidIt 21

WeDidIt is a next generation donor-prospecting platform that uses social and financial data to maximize your fundraising efforts.  They uncover the wealth behind your email contact list by mining your donors’ social and financial data to help you identify their capacity and propensity to give and promote your cause.  It helps you focus your time more on cultivating relationships, which can help impact your organization.

5. Tinfoil Security 18

Tinfoil Security is a developer friendly service that lets you scan your website for vulnerabilities and fix them quickly and easily.  Their extensive backgrounds make them experts across the security field, which means they are able to provide solutions for many organizations.  Companies of all sizes trust Tinfoil Security to secure their websites.

6. SoundBetter 9

SoundBetter is the leading marketplace for recording studios, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, and session musicians.  Their platform is the first and largest freelancer marketplace for the music production industry that helps musicians find and hire top professionals.  Their platform also gives music production professionals the opportunity to showcase their skills, credits, specialties, and more.  

7. Sidewalk 6

Sidewalk collects data on businesses that utilize the power of Facebook, run ads, have a website, among other key features.  Sidewalk then helps salespeople generate targeted lists of small businesses.  What is great about this platform is that you can spend less time researching and more time selling to them.  Sidewalk is backed by 500 Startups, which is a seed stage investment group.

8. Evoz 5

Evoz is a baby monitor that has no range limit, which is very unique in the monitor industry.  It lets you go anywhere in your house or yard, and it even works with your smartphone in order to give you the freedom you need to make sure your baby is safe at all times.  Evoz allows you to be connected with your baby, even when you’re not at home.  It lets you hear everything that’s going on in your baby’s room, it sends you alert messages, and sends data about your babies sleep directly to your smart phone. Evoz is revolutionizing the smart home industry, by allowing parents to stay digitally connected to their children even when they are not home. 

9. ChouxBox 4

ChouxBox is an invoice management platform that is specifically designed for restaurants.  Rather than spending all your time tracking things on paper, ChouxBox provides an easy way to keep track of all the data you need to, reduce redundant data entry, and actually see the analytics you need for your daily operations.  Their simple, intuitive application was developed by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals – you can trust that they thought of all the little details.

10. Rover 4

Rover’s iBeacon platform helps retailers deliver a new, innovative customer experience.  By transforming their mobile apps into in-store shopping experiences, they have revolutionized the way people shop in-store.  By enhancing retailers’ mobile apps through contextual relevance, they have the ability to access iBeacon’s micro location abilities.

11. PerkHub 3

PerkHub is a white label software program that powers loyalty and group buying programs for some of the world’s leading companies.  Their platform is easy to integrate into businesses’ already existing platforms.  Because PerkHub powers TriNet’s marketplace, over 200,000 employees have buying power and discounts for both personal and business use.  TriNet’s business customers can also use the platform to promote their own products to the TriNet community.   

12. MediaSpike 2

MediaSpike is a platform built for native brand advertising, and is the standard for product placement in social and mobile games.  Their solutions apply to applications in a way that enhances, rather than hinders, the user’s experience.  Their new advertising platform is revolutionary and can be highly beneficial to a wide range of brands.

13. CREAM 2

CREAM partners with top designers and emerging brands, bloggers, models and stylists in order to curate unique looks.  Their process allows them to provide the best mobile shopping experience in fashion.  CREAM’s mobile shopping app has set out to evolve the way that street style is discovered, experienced, and bought.  Their mission is to be the one-stop-shop for style inspiration and purchase of what inspires you.

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