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12 Venture Capital Companies Heating Up Cali

California is the hotbed of technological advancement. Silicon Valley provides a lot of investment opportunities for those who are interested. These companies invest in all types of things from IT to Life Sciences. Many are early-stage investors, interested in developing a small company. All of these investors have hands-on approach to help the company in which they invest go. Read on for more details about these Venture Capital Companies in Cali.

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1. Velocity Venture Capital 0

Velocity Venture Capital is an investment firm focusing on Sacramento and Northern California. Their investments go to technology companies who show promise. Employees from investment and technology backgrounds put a lot of emphasis on researching good companies. They help to build companies and professional networks to grow the technology industry in Northern California.

2. Allegis Capital 0

Allegis Capital has 35 corporate partners all with expertise to help grow the investment company. They are an early-stage investment firm  that focuses on jumping in on the ground floor of technology and infrastructure companies. They usually initially invest $3 million - $5 million dollars in exchange for a board seat and approximately 20% of the company.

3. Alloy Ventures 0

Alloy Ventures was founded in 1996 to invest in IT, Life Sciences, and Clean Tech. The partners have over 30 years experience. Alloy Ventures has invested in 200 companies and currently has over $1 billion in commitments. They are early-stage investors that look for smart business models and target end-markets in their companies. Their initial investments are usually about $1 million-$5 million, although they may invest less if the company is just getting started.

4. Alafi Capital Company LLC 0

Alafi Capital Company LLC invests in the healthcare industry. They have been working for  a high return on investment for over 25 years. They are focused mainly on medical technology and consider themselves product-oriented. Alafi Capital focuses mainly on imaging and diagnostic technology development.

5. NGEN Partners 0

NGEN Partners have been dedicated to environmentally sustainable products since 2001. They focus on growing companies and helping entrepreneurs create innovative solutions for the world’s environmental problems. They work to change industries to become more environmentally friendly and support human wellness.

6. Hummer Winblad Venture Partners 0

Hummer Winblad Venture Partners was the first company to invest only in software in 1989. Their first investments were loaded onto floppy disks and now their capital goes to companies leading the way for cloud computing. Since they have been in software for 25 years, they have a lot of experience with software. They have proven their investment tactics change and adapt with the industry.

7. Draper Fisher Jurvetson 0

Draper Fisher Jurvetson is all about finding the next big idea. They want to invest in game-changing technology that disrupts the current market. Draper Fisher Jurvetson gets involved at the ground floor to take part of the seed, early, and growth stages and have a strong presence in the company.

8. De Novo Ventures 0

Since 2000, De Novo Ventures have invested in medical devices and biotechnology. In experts in the medical device field, they invest in all stages of the development process from beginning to end. Currently, they have about $650 million under management.


9. Benchmark Capital 0

Founded in 1997, Benchmark Capital has invested in many popular technology companies suc as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Uber. Founded in 1995, it is the first financial company to give all six of its partner’s equal compensation and ownership. They have invested in over 250 tech startups including $6.7 million in eBay in 1997.

10. California Technology Ventures LLC 0

California Technology Ventures LLC offers entrepreneurs a chance to succeed in the technology and life sciences market. Their investments usually range from $250 thousand to $2 million to start out and can grow up to $5 million as the business expands. Besides just capital, California Technology Ventures offers resources and experience to help the company succeed.

11. Levensohn Venture Partners 0

Levensohn Venture Partners has invested over $200 million in companies since 1996. They have 3 venture funds that focus on new technology. Since 2010, they have chosen to focus on their current investments and have made new investments. 

12. 5AM Ventures 0

5AM Ventures has been investing in life science companies since 2001. They are focused on diagnosing, preventing and treating medical conditions. Their staff has expertise in medicine, law and finance and they like to be involved in the companies they invest in. 5AM Ventures invests in the early stages and works with entrepreneurs to develop their business, hire management, and serve on the board.

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