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12 Companies Connecting People

12 Companies Connecting People



All over the world, humans are spending more and more time with their noses pressed up against their computer, smart phone, or tablet screens. It is no wonder that some fear our obsession with technology is preventing us from connecting on a personal level. While some people may see this as disconcerting, other people see it as an opportunity. With these 12 social media-minded companies, we can rest assured that technology is perfect for bringing people together.



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1. Togenit 244


Wouldn’t it be nice if no one ever felt lonely? Togenit (which stands for “Together Enjoy It”) has created a social media site that connects like-minded people with social events happening around them. It also serves as a platform for purchasing tickets for events. Togenit allows users to upload events, or find events to participate in. Eligible organizations can also register to directly sell tickets to events they are putting on.

2. Cloze 128


Let’s be honest: we all have “friends” who flood our favorite social media platforms with updates we could care less about. But disconnecting with them would be rude so we keep them around. Cloze has created a solution for this issue by providing a social media platform that recognizes users’ favorite people. Even if there is little interaction between you and another person, Cloze keeps all of the relevant relationships in your feed up front. Cloze even automatically keeps contact information up to date, so you can keep your focus on interaction.

3. Hachi Labs 121

Hachi Labs

The days of cold calling are numbered, and businesses are turning toward different methods of finding potential partners, clients, personnel, employees – or just about anyone – using the power of social media. Through pre-existing connections on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter, Hatchi is able to determine other connections that work with your specifications. By mapping out who a user is already connected with, Hatchi provides different, meaningful connections to leapfrog to.

4. UpOut 10


Do you like going out, but have grown bored with your typical night on the town? UpOut has created a fantastic solution for those living or visiting San Francisco or New York City. They compile a list of events, underground happenings, and unusual parties, all under the umbrella of being weird. The service is free for users, but also has a paid option called Insiders Club that provides tickets, access to exclusive parties, and invitations to strange events. If you feel like you have done it all in either city, UpOut wants to redefine what it means to be a local.

5. Videolicious 4


Let’s be honest, sharing pictures is fine and dandy, but videos are simply more captivating. Thankfully fans of both mediums can share a customized hybrid of the two using Videolicious. Users can choose video clips and photos from their tablet or mobile device, and Videolicious will edit a custom product in just seconds. The video can be set to music, with personalized voiceovers, and then published to your favorite social media sites, all within the app. No editing experience is required since the app takes care of all editing for you.

6. SEEN 3


No, Instagram is not just a place for you to curate a collection of photos of your cat. Many companies and individuals use Instagram as means of promoting themselves; however, not everyone knows how to properly brand themselves with social media. SEEN has developed a platform to initiate, promote, and gauge Instagram and Twitter photo campaigns so your business can successfully implement your brand. SEEN’s software also provides insights on the impact your campaign has on your followers, so you can track which campaigns are most effective.

7. FAFAM! 1


Have you ever thought about your friends or family members and wondered where they might be in that exact moment? FAFAM! is the originators of a mobile app that allows users to track the location of people they know. College students can easily tell if a friend is in class or on the quad, parents can deduce if their children are where they should be, and people who have lost touch with one another are able to locate them (as long as they are users, too). The app even works anywhere in the world, so you can locate people you know in other countries.

8. World Travel List 1

World Travel List

World Travel List is an expansive travel community, aimed at taking the experiences of travelers and sharing it with other travelers. World Travel List categorizes travel motivation into six categories: adventure, culture, luxury, food, wellness, and medical. Members of the site can share their experiences with their friends, and other like-minded globetrotters. World Travel List also maintains an ongoing list of where your favorite locations are, so you can always go back for reference.

9. ZootRock 1


Social media can be a bit unpalatable for some business owners; the people at ZootRock are here to turn online marketing into a sweet piece of cake. Through the use of thorough algorithms, ZootRock searches for quality content on the Internet, and produces social media content that works for your business. This saves time for businesses that need to implement a marketing scheme quickly. The content created by ZootRock can be anything from blog posts to images, specific for your company’s brand. Through an active social media presence, businesses can connect with even more potential clients.

10. Kanvas 0


There seems to be an endless amount of photo apps available for smart phones, and choosing the best one might not be an obvious choice. One photo app that stands out in the crowd is Kanvas, which provides a suite of media editing tools to completely customize images. Add text in one of the 150 included fonts, “paint” your images with seven unique “brushes,” or decorate your snapshots with digital stickers. Users can communicate with each other via an in-app chat function, and share their creations across other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

11. Dress Jack 0

Dress Jack

It’s not that some men can’t dress themselves, it’s that they might not want to. Dress Jack is a social media based clothing solution for men that allows up to three of your friends to help establish your style.  After filling out a personal style questionnaire, users are able to pick out entire outfits for a fashion-challenged friend. The platform is still in its beta stage but is sure to benefit participating clothing companies, as well as significant portion of the male population.

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