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11 Multi-Awesome Multimedia Companies

11 Multi-Awesome Multimedia Companies



Multimedia products are important for companies to reach their target audiences. With so many companies competing for audiences both online and in the real world, graphic design is important to gain the attention of customers. These companies work on everything from promotional materials to video games and everything in between.

1. Blazer Exhibits 0

Blazer Exhibits

Blazer Exhibits completes custom exhibits for clients in all kinds of businesses such as corporate interiors, trade shows, and museums. They were founded in 1983 to provide a way for Silicon Valley to display their new products and technology from their factory in the Bay Area. They started with silk screening and hand lettering and have moved on into computer and graphic design.

2. Ellis Graphics 0

Ellis Graphics

Ellis Graphics specializes in creating screen and digital prints. They emphasize quality and good customer service. They hire a close-knit group of people who are willing to work overtime so that every deadline is met on time.

3. Possibilities for Design 0

Possibilities for Design

Possibilities for Design provides innovative design ideas for home builders. They specialize in interior design and decorating and work with home and apartment builders to create the best design. They provide models and work with clients to come up with the best custom solution for a home or multi-family unit.

4. Global Imaging Inc. 0

Global Imaging Inc.

Global Imaging Inc. was founded in 1995 by Greg and Tara Lamb. They focus on digital printing services and supplies. They individualize their services for their clients whether they’re advertising agencies, sign shops or beverage suppliers. Global Imaging works with their clients to come up with the best product while keeping up on the newest technology.

5. Think Twice 0

Think Twice

Think Twice is a graphic design studio that focuses on courtroom graphics. While making an argument, lawyers may want to use a graphic to better explain their evidence and point of view. Think Twice helps design and create those graphics. While this is their main specialty, they also provide graphic design services for other business needs.

6. Red 5 Studios 0

Red 5 Studios

Red 5 Studios works to create a network of online gamers that can create and play awesome games. They work at creating games of the future as if there were no constraints on storage or bandwidth. Players from all over the world log on to create and play their games, the most famous of which is Firefall.

7. Mondo Media 0

Mondo Media

Mondo Media is an animation portal created for teenagers and young adults. They have hundreds of online shows, videos, and games and a blog discussing their content. Their products include Happy Tree Friends, Dick Figures, Bubbles and Me, Deep Space 69 and much much more.

8. Linden Lab 0

Linden Lab

Linden Lab specializes in virtual reality technology. They are the makers of Second Life, an extremely popular virtual reality experience. Customers can buy and sell virtual items created in Second Life. Founded in 1999, the company released a children’s version in 2013 titled Blocksworld that is meant specifically for iPad. They have offices in Seattle, Boston, Davis, and Charlottesville and headquarters in San Francisco.

9. Lattice Technology 0

Lattice Technology

Lattice Technology creates software that makes your job easier. They focus on simulating the manufacturing process of both large airplane and automobile companies to small machinery so that they can create the best instructions and illustrations for operators. They have headquarters in Tokyo and San Francisco and have been in business since 1997.

10. Brilliant Digital Entertainment 0

Brilliant Digital Entertainment

Brilliant Digital Entertainment works with partners in the music, movies, video, content distribution networks, ISP’s, router manufacturers, content integrators, repositories, Cloud, VOIP and Content Rights. One company they worked with is Altnet Inc that helps improve Peer to Peer networking online.

11. Corporate Graphics of America 0

Corporate Graphics of America

Corporate Graphics of America focuses on creating marketing and promotional materials for businesses all over the country. They want to “inspire, inform, and captivate” audiences. Corporate Graphics of America provides all print and promotional materials necessary for a company to effectively reach their customers.

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