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11 Companies With the Capital Solutions You Need

Money: every business needs it, from the freshest startup to the most established firm. There are many ways for a company to finance themselves. Exactly how businesses get funding can affect whether or not they are successful. These 11 companies provide a variety of financing solutions, along with industry expertise, so companies can achieve funding the correct way.

1. Westbury Group LLC 1

Westbury Group LLC is an investment banking broker-dealer providing advisory services for mid-market firms. They work with clients with broad needs, as well as industry-specific needs. Since 2003 they have become one of the biggest investment banking firms in Connecticut by providing equity and debt fundraising for their clients, as well as overseeing mergers and acquisitions. 

2. Bedford Cost Segregation 0

Bedford Cost Segregation gets its name from being a financial firm based out of Bedford, New Hampshire that specializes in cost segregation. Their tax solutions aim to maximize the amount of money a commercial property can generate, while minimizing any tax liability. They also host an advice blog, education programs, webinars, and presentations for commercial real estate and tax professionals.

3. UC Funds 0

When it comes to commercial real estate, UC Funds is ready with valuable financial solutions. They provide their clients with underwriting, asset structuring, asset management, screening, and servicing. They received the 2014 AIA Maryland award for excellence in design for converting a historic office building into an apartment complex with 102 units.

4. Montana First Credit Union 0

Montana First Credit Union is more than just a credit union: they are focused on bettering the community through facilitating sponsorship and education programs. Resources are generated through contributions, staff volunteering, and resource donations. They provide loans, credit cards, real estate loans, checking and saving accounts, and investments to the Western Montana area.

5. Altos Ventures 0

Altos Ventures is an investment group with focus. They have specific investment criteria, and they want entrepreneurs with big ideas, who “think differently.” The sectors they deal with are primarily software, Internet, and mobile based, and they prefer bootstrap companies with fast growing revenue, led by the founders themselves. Altos Ventures deals primarily with clients in the U.S. but also operate internationally.

6. Gemini Investors 0

Gemini Investors specializes in private investments that are geared toward smaller middle market companies. They have invested in over $500 million in more than 110 companies. By providing a range of financing structures, in addition to the experience that the Gemini Investors team brings to the table, clients can rest-assured that they will receive funding from a reliable company. They were also coined Small Business Investment Company of the Year in 2009.

7. Amerinational Community Services 0

AmeriNational provides government-based economic development and affordable housing. Clients of AmeriNational can expect to receive loan servicing, credit underwriting, compliance checks, its own web system for access to loan information called LoanLink, and funds disbursement. Their focus in providing affordable housing options for people across the U.S. started in 1975 in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

8. United Capital Funding Corp 0

As a business, financing your accounts receivable is not the only way to get access your money. Even as one of the oldest forms of financial trading, factoring provides businesses with their money quickly. United Capital Funding Corp provides accounts receivable factoring so as their client’s business grows, so does the amount of funding the business can receive. They even provide software to track cash flow. Since 1997, United Capital Funding has funded over $2 billion to its clients.

9. Great Pacific Securities 0

Founded in 1990, Great Pacific Securities is an institutional financial services firm. They act as brokers for over 300 clients across the world and traded over $22 billion in fixed-income and equities in 2003. Their service includes economic research, an experienced team of institutional traders, equity underwriting, and fixed-income trading.

10. Pacific Business Capital Corporation 0

Pacific Business Capital Corporation (PBCC) has been a direct lender for 20 years and acts as the connection between billing and collection. Businesses are able to get cash in as little as 24 hours through factoring. By borrowing against their own accounts receivable, clients of PBCC can ensure they have access to cash when banks decline a loan request. Clients can receive credit from $50,000 to $3,000,000.

11. Storm Ventures 0

Based out of Menlo Park, California, Storm Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on startup companies, early stage investments, and incubation. Their clients tend to be in the digital realm, anything from wireless technology to SaaS companies. With investments in the range of $100,000 to $5 million, startup companies should look to become part of the Storm Ventures portfolio.

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