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11 Companies That Will Make Your IT Team Happy

11 Companies That Will Make Your IT Team Happy



Depending on your business, having the right services and systems in place is a must. Whether you are looking for web conferencing solutions, or for a solid local area network system, its important to have reliable options that allow your business to focus on your brand. These 11 companies all provide ways to improve your company’s means of digital communication and networking.


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1. Sonexis Inc. 816

Sonexis Inc.

Sonexis offers a comprehensive conferencing solution that keeps businesses connected reliably. Specifically, their products are useful for the healthcare industry in the event of emergencies and disasters. BlastDial, one of their products, contacts everyone in a specific “Emergency Group” when one member of the group dials an emergency number. This also allows first responders to engage in a conference call, minimizing preventable problems in the event of an emergency. They also offer a service called ConferenceBurst that allows businesses to make larger audio and video conference calls as needed, while still maintaining a subscription for smaller conferencing calls.

2. 371 is one of the leading websites that provide means to both broadcast video events, and find events to watch. Users can find video conferences and events that are free to watch, or on a pay-per-view basis. Recently, they have implemented a subscription service called Front Row that allows users to pay a monthly or annual fee to have access to all content. While similar to Ted Talks, hosts more than 10,000 videos, instead of the mere hundreds featured on Their client base includes The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Wired, just to name a few.

3. Glance Networks Inc. 138

Glance Networks Inc.

Glance Networks is a software company that makes it easy for companies to conference online via desktop sharing. Their product, Glance, works so that both users can share one another’s desktop, allowing for remote support functionality. It can be used with Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, as well as Linux operating systems. They have also developed a “lite” version of Glance that is geared more toward small businesses and personal use. Additionally, they have developed Agent Video, which provides video of a support team member’s face to promote credibility.

4. Advanced Cable Connection Inc. 1

Advanced Cable Connection Inc.

Advanced Cable Connection Inc. (ACCI) has been in business since 1987 as LAN installation specialists. They guarantee quality cable installation by providing testing bandwidth capacity against fiber optic standards on every installation. In addition to network installation, ACCI also specializes in Internet phone services (VoIP), security cameras/CCTV, and card access systems, to name a few. They are unique in that the will provide classes to businesses who are interested in learning how to implement any of their services on their own.

5. Dascom System Group 1

Dascom System Group

Telecommunication companies fear not: Dascom Systems is a leader in IPTV solutions. They put together high-speed data and video delivery services that work with the infrastructure of a business’s building, the pre-existing fiber or DSL lines, and network capability. Their team of experts can find IPTV solutions for any network. They not only implement their product, but also make sure to educate the business’s IT team so they fully understand the functionality and capabilities of the system. As a business’s video telecommunications needs evolve, Dascom is there to evolve the system as well.

6. LifeSize 1


Lifesize provides cloud-based high-definition video conferencing, using state of the art “room video systems.” Videoconferences can feature up to 25 individual participants, however participants can be individual users or groups of users that are utilizing the room video function. Lifesize developed Lifesize Cloud, which is supplemented with their Icon video system hardware. Users can also download Lifesize Cloud on their mobile devices for video conferencing on the go. What makes Lifesize’s conferencing platform even more attractive is its simple design: with just a few clicks, businesses can tap into the Lifesize Cloud program and be on a video conference call in mere moments.

7. DVM Teleservices LLC 0

DVM Teleservices LLC

DVM Teleservices LLC is a outsource call center that provides businesses with inbound telemarketing, customer service, and order processing solutions. Their call centers are all located in the United States, guaranteeing clear communication to clients. DVM is unique in that they will create a team of call center professionals that works exclusively with your business, getting to know your brand inside and out. Their service includes product support, order entry/processing, social media monitoring/response, as well as mail pickup and processing. Even if the setup of their services is involved due to IT complications, most businesses receive DVM’s services in four weeks or less.

8. Learn Key Inc. 0

Learn Key Inc.

LearnKey provides educational training videos that help users become more informed about career-building information. They have built a Learning Management System that operates in real-time to educate users. They system monitors a user’s educational progress, which is good for employers who need to effectively, and efficiently, train their employees. Companies can implement LearnKey’s platform using OnlineExpert (implemented through the internet), NetworkExpert (implemented through a given company’s intranet system), or via CD-ROM. Companies who use LearnKey’s education platforms can rest assured that their employees will receive up to date training, available at any time of the day.

9. Management Team Consultants Inc. 0

Management Team Consultants Inc.

Finding the right employee is not always a simple task, especially when searching for the right person nationwide. Management Team Consultants provides employee-hiring solutions through their program, Interview Edge. In addition to providing advice on how to interview effectively, Management Team Consultants have developed two programs: Effective Interviewing and Interviewing Today’s Workforce. Effective Interviewing is a seminar that aids in the interview process, regardless of the experience level of the interviewer. Interviewing Today’s Workforce is similar in that it helps companies with the hiring process, but does so with diversity and internationality in mind. Both programs offer one-year access to HirePath, their online platform for finding and hiring employees remotely.

10. Interactive Solutions Inc. 0

Interactive Solutions Inc.

Based in Memphis, Interactive Solutions provides a complete suite of services and products that help businesses with their video conferencing. Their team gives online training to companies on how to use their system, and helps with initial setup and room design. By utilizing a cloud-based platform, their video conferencing is not subject to bandwidth issues that were once a standard in older systems. Interactive Solutions also provides quality telemedicine conferencing platform to help healthcare businesses communicate with one another, improving the experience of patients.

11. Infinite Conferencing Inc. 0

Infinite Conferencing Inc.

Infinite Conferencing was established in Springfield Township, New Jersey and delivers digital conferencing needs for businesses. Each videoconference can host 1,000 people and participants need not register for the meeting in advance. Infinite Conferencing has two distinct advantages: videoconferencing happens within a user’s browser so there is no need download software; and, users can publish Microsoft documents with a single click, making collaboration on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files easy.

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