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10 Up and Coming Culver City, California Startups

10 Up and Coming Culver City, California Startups

Culver City, California, a western Los Angeles city, has been a significant center for businesses since it was the home of MGM Studios.  The National Public Radio, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and the NFL Network, also have headquarters in Culver City.  Although Culver City is known for its active artistic community, we’ll be keeping our eye on these 10 up and coming startups!


FIGS is transforming the wardrobe of medical professionals for the better.  The days of boxy scrubs, scratchy fabrics, or poor-fitting uniforms are over, with FIGS high quality medical apparel.  FIGS interacts directly with the medical community in order to manufacture long lasting apparel that has better fabric, innovative performance technology, modern lines to accentuate men and women’s figures, and functional pockets.  Your medical apparel can either help or hinder your performance –FIGS strives to change the way people think, feel, and perform.

Not only does FIGS help transform the wardrobe of medical professionals in the United States, but also throughout the rest of the world.  FIGS partners with International Medical Corp and other healthcare organizations in order to ensure that for each set of scrubs FIGS sells, another set is distributed to a healthcare provider in need. 


2. PushPress

PushPress, the first all inclusive membership management solution, allows users to manage member payments and schedules online and through their app for iPhone.  PushPress is perfect for fitness centers, which charge members on a recurring or one time basis.  This easy-to-use platform allows you to manage your members’ billing, communication, and schedule while accepting credit and debit card payments. 

3. ZipCV

ZipCV is a way for students ages 16-24 to find both full and part time employment easier.  Through ZipCV’s “active-factor job search” system and their high school or college alumni connections, students can find job opportunities that match their preferences and interests.  The job opportunities that rank highest on the students’ “active-factor ranking,” are automatically applied to with no manual work, which quickens the job search and application process.

4. Enplug

Enplug allows users to turn any TV or display into a live social media feed through a small device, the Enplug Plug and Play, which connects to the unit.  Through the Enplug App Market, you can choose to show a variety of content ranging from live social media feeds, product vidoes, news feeds, and more.  This interactive feature allows customers to instantly post Tweets and Instagram photos onto the display by hashtagging the store’s name.  Enplug is used by over 350 companies in ranging venues, and on average, has increased their customers’ social media interactions with them by 500% within the first month. 

5. SipSnapp


SipSnapp is an iPhone app that takes the guesswork out of ordering beer or wine while you’re at a restaurant.  Confused on what to get?  Trust SipSnapp, the app that reads and finds reviews or recommendations of the specific menu items available at the restaurant.  Simply take a photo of the menu, crop out the ones you know you don’t want, and let SipSnapp take care of the rest!


6. NextSpace

NextSpace’s mission is to create a unique combination of workspace and community in order to give members the opportunity to produce their best work.  NextSpace sells membership into a collaborative community, where members can go to a professional space to conduct business.  NextSpace gives members the opportunity to collaborate with each other, bounce ideas off one another, and share expertise. 

7. weeSPIN

weeSPIN combines Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram, to enhance users experience of social media through music.  The weeSPIN team believes that music is the most powerful form of human expression and their goal is to provide meaningful connections between people.  This social media app allows users to create, spin, and mix playlists and then share them with friends across other services.

“weeSPIN is designed to remove rigid algorithms for app-based music suggestions. Artists don't write music for studying, or for rainy days. Why should we restrict music in that way?” said weeSPIN Founder Darius Fong.

8. BlackTree TV

BlackTree TV is the number one independent media channel that covers Hollywood entertainment, including coverage of premium events and exclusive interviews weekly.  As a leading distributor of online urban entertainment, BlackTree TV’s content has more than half a billion views on just 17 distribution platforms, such as YouTube, iTunes, Tivo, Sony DivX, and Boxee.

9. Scarecrow VFX

Scarecrow VFX is a visual effects company that’s built for the modern filmmaker.  Their proprietary platform allows them to provide full production tracking and management from process design to delivery.  Scarecrow VFX also offers specialized services from concept art to on-set supervision and everything in between.

10. theAmplify

theAmplify creates large scale visual campaigns on Instagram called “brand stories,” by using their proprietary technology called SharedRank in order to inspire connections between brands and content creators.  SharedRank, their patent pending algorithm, creates strong campaign performance metrics for social media campaigns by measuring and discovering audiences.  theAmplify’s network consists of elite influencers who share original content and gain loyal followings.

Know any other Culver City, California startups we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next Culver City blog!

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