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10 Startups on the Horizon

10 Startups on the Horizon



These interesting startups have definitely caught the attention of MeetAdvisors. From their innovative ideas to their execution, we think they really have what it takes to be successful. Check out these 10 startups, today!

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1. Placemeter 48


Placemeter was created to give people the power of knowing what a place is like before they get there.  Their dedicated team accomplishes this by collecting and serving up-to-the-minute information like how crowded a place is, wait times, and anticipated levels of business. Users can also check things like the weather, traffic, and how to get there exactly. By using the world’s first real-time dynamic data layer, static map databases, weather information, event calendars, and more, they are able to provide users with very accurate information.  


2. Reserve 18


Reserve, otherwise known as your personal dining concierge, enables users to have a more seamless experience from getting the perfect table to paying your tab.  This mobile app is beta testing in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston. Restaurants don’t pay anything to get included on Reserve’s list, yet they remain in control of the dining room. As a strong partner for restaurants, Reserve is helping to make the dining experience better than ever for both the guest and the restaurant. 


3. Snaapiq 2


Snaapiq started as a coffee chat about how to turn picture-taking into a game where people could earn prizes for their pictures and businesses could drive rich, brand-related content. Co-founders Jacob and Ryo were positive that the hundreds of millions of photos uploaded to social media had a way to incentivize and reward mobile photographers. Snaapiq was born and hosts photo contests of all sizes for absolutely everyone. This means that your selfies could actually earn you real prizes … but it also means businesses can reward people for taking pictures with your product or at your event.


4. Joyride Coffee 1

Joyride Coffee

Joyride Coffee, New York City’s first mobile café quickly became very popular among the city’s working professionals. Created due to the underwhelming nature of ‘office coffee,’ founders David, Adam, and Noah Belanich saw a huge opportunity to bring the world’s best coffees directly to offices. After immense growth, they began their first brick-and-mortar business in order to serve the growing population of customers.


5. Package Zen 1

Package Zen

The Package Zen mobile app lets you mange delivery and packages easily. Simple snap a photo of any address label, then submit. Package Zen identifies the recipient and handles notification, and all delivery info is automatically recorded. With automatic notifications, one-click pickup confirmation, and searchable records, Package Zen is making sending and receiving packages extremely easy. From personal to business use, Package Zen can handle all your shipping and receiving needs.


6. ThinkUp 0


ThinkUp is a smart, simple web app that analyzes your activity on Facebook and Twitter, while giving you fun and surprising insights about you and your friends’ activity online. See changes made to profiles, who reacts more to your status updates, whether or not you’re talking too much about yourself, if you remember to say thanks, who you link to the most, and much, much more! While they provide tons of information that you’d like to know, they don’t make it a popularity contest, they don’t creepily track your behavior, they don’t maliciously share your data, and they have a no hassle cancellation policy as well.


7. Shrink 0


Shrink is a brand loyalty mobile app that makes it fun to discover new brands and earn exclusive perks. Users have the opportunity to earn cash on groceries and unlock exclusive perks from brands. Shrink tailors your deals based on your interests and preference while allowing you to snap a photo of your receipts to receive cash rather than hassling with paper coupons.


8. Data Everywhere 0

Data Everywhere

Data Everywhere makes add-in products for Excel and Google Sheets that make it easy to keep worksheets up-to-date as well as easy access to syncing data. Their solution brings spreadsheets into the modern world without limiting any of their power. Some features include being able to query and report on data stored in other spreadsheets, Excel backed by a Cloud database, and a full history of who changed what in the data.


9. Telnyx 0


Through the help of the Internet, Telnyx is revolutionizing the telecom industry by providing their customers with the same reliable service that traditional phone carriers can, but at a fraction of the price. In order to do this, they eliminate the overhead costs that are evident in large server infrastructures. This allows their customers to go where no telephone customer has ever gone before – the driver’s seat. Users can customize their plan in order to use the services that they really need, rather than getting the traditional bundled packages.


10. WasteGate 0


WasteGate’s mission is to reach every person on earth, and in order to do this, they have a team that comprehends and represents different cultures and backgrounds. Their dedication allows them to create a safe, simple platform that is beneficial to both the environment and the community. Their online platform brings people together who want to give their gently used items away and swap with others. They are exemplifying the old saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”


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