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10 Start Ups in Houston, Texas

Below are the most promising 10 startups that Mabbly predicts will boom the markets of Houston, Texas:

1. Grammaropolis

Launched in September of 2012, Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters starring in books, songs, videos, and interactive games. Their iOS apps boast over 250,000 downloads. The parent/homeschool version of the website has over 3,000 subscribers, and with the school version of the website we are in over 1,000 schools in 40 states and 15 countries. Grammaropolis the iOS app was featured at launch in the rotating main banner on the Education App store, and they currently have two apps in the Literacy section of Apple's Apps for Elementary school (Word Sort and Grammaropolis). The paid version of Grammaropolis was featured in last year's Kickstart Your School Year collection!

2. Bamboo Realty

Bamboo Realty is a full service Real Estate firm specializing in Luxury Apartments and Home Leasing as well as Home purchasing and sales. They launched in Fall 2009, which was a less than ideal time to start a real estate company. However, they recognized a need for high end leasing services for people relocating to Texas. Over time their business model evolved to include services for first time home buyers. They have a very strong niche among Millennials because of their business model and branding. In 2013 Millennials represented the largest share of home buyers and over the coming years they will make a huge splash in the housing market. Currently they are in Houston and Dallas, and are expanding to Denver the summer.

3. Hello Lucky

Say goodbye to the shirt you’ve seen 6 other people wearing today and say ”Hello Lucky.” Hello Lucky is a unique clothing shop that offers apparel, jewelry, artwork, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Hello Lucky works with fashion designers from the Houston area, as well as exceptionally talented artists from all across the country. A background in fine arts is evident in most of the gorgeous pieces for sale here. What sets this heart-warming shop apart from the rest is their incredible tie to the community and local vendors. Working alongside and proudly supporting other businesses in Houston gives Hello Lucky an extensive array of creative, fashionable, and talented minds to pick from.

4. Advowire

Released in January 2014, AdvoWire is an automated influence marketing platform which makes it easy for anyone to promote anything by leveraging the reach of others on social media. Over 1500 Advocates have opted into their database since its release.Promoters can create and launch a campaign within minutes.  Influential Advocates are then rewarded as they share that message with their audiences via Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn.

5. Snap Kitchen

In a world of extra large portions with a side of high cholesterol, Snap Kitchen is a fresh approach to healthy and delicious meals. Snap Kitchen chefs spend their day creating healthy meals and packaging them individually, so they are easy to grab and go. Each meal is clearly marked with the important nutritional information, so you know exactly how good you’re being. Snap Kitchen meals last 4-5 days in your home refrigerator, so stocking up is a great way to ensure healthy meals for the week. Snap Kitchen delivers and offers a quick curbside pick up option, so making healthy and delicious meal choices is a snap.

6. Space Montrose

Space Montrose has an eclectic collection of jewelry, clothing, and artwork that will definitely strike up a conversation. Based on the strong desire to keep the spirit of the small business alive, this small retail store works with over 130 unbelievably talented artists to design their products, and over half of the artists are from the local Houston area. One of the coolest things about Space Montrose is their growing desire to connect with and inspire the people of their community. They do this by actively inviting other talented artists to contribute to their thriving business.

7. Zodist

Launched in January of 2014 Zodist is a box of curated e-liquids that are used to vape in personal vaporizers. They gather the best e-liquids from all over the U.S. and select only the best to include in your personally curated box every month and no two boxes will ever be the same. Zodist is currently growing at more than twice the rate of the vapor market and is delivering the best brand value in the subscription box market segment. Since their start they have created over 50 vendor relationships, outpaced the social media growth of all of their direct competitors and have effectively turned hundreds of target customers into loyal customers.


8. PhotoMoto

Undoubtedly the coolest thing on four wheels, PhotoMoto is a mobile photo booth that can capture your priceless memories wherever you are. Run by husband and wife team, Brittney and Austin Havican, these two know that everyone loves a photo booth, especially one that comes to you. The completely restored 1978 Volkswagen bus is air conditioned for a comfortable photo shoot with friends. PhotoMoto is a great addition to any Houston event, and offers a unique alternative to pricy photographers or stationary photo booth rentals.

9. Water2Wine

Water2Wine is an interactive winery, giving guests a hands-on experience making wine alongside knowledgeable wine making experts. Choose your grapes, mix, create a custom label, and wait (im)patiently for your wine to perfect. Return 45 days later to bottle and, of course, taste your perfect creation. Water2Wine does not just specialize in delicious wines, but allows you to be a part of its production, which makes it taste even better.


10. Ayoopa

Ayoopa launched in January of 2013 and is an online rental marketplace for travel and outdoor gear. Their biggest categories have been the casual adventurers renting camping and hiking gear for the first time and traveling families removing themselves from the drudgery of travel with little ones by renting baby equipment at their destination.

   Know any Houston startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list! 


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