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10 Hot Wireless Software Companies to Keep an Eye On

The world of mobile technology is growing on the daily, but who actually contributes to the growth of the mobile industry?  The answer is companies like those that have been included on this list.  While they all have a unique component to their business, which helps them stand out against other wireless software competition, they each have a strong desire to improve the mobile industry for both companies and consumers.  Here are 10 wireless software companies we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. Helium 5

One of the most complex problems for enterprises and developers who are looking to capitalize on the coming wave of connect devices and new data streams.  Helium solves this through their complete platform for smart machines.  It is based on simple device connectivity and has a strong focus on security, while requiring little power and cost.  The most innovative aspect of Helium is the fact that they are changing the way people use smart devices, by giving them the ability to connect to smart devices to the web without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Cellular. 

2. BidPal 1

BidPal is a non-profit dedicated to changing the way charities fundraise. With the BidPal software, non-profit organizations can utilize methods to generate further funding. The software incorporates mobile bidding, online auction, point-of-sale ticketing, and event management. Any donations made are handled within the software, providing payment security.

3. Daintree Networks 1

Daintree Networks is changing the way building owners and operators intelligently mange, monitor, and optimize their energy use.  Daintree Network provides the industry’s smartest energy solution, intelligent software with advanced wireless control, which delivers dramatic energy savings of over 70%.  Their commitment to providing energy efficient solutions and the fact that Daintree Networks is the only independent company leveraging wireless open-standards is what landed them on this list.

4. Nextech 1

The special thing about Nextech is that their dedication to being a trusted advisor in the changing health care industry is evident through their dedication to their clients, and also their clients’ patients.  Nextech is a top ranked provider of specialty electronic medical record and practice management software.  While they first started working with plastic surgeons, they have now accumulated a worldwide client base of 7000 physicians, which helps manage over 40,000 office staff members across plastic surgery, dermatology, and ophthalmology industries.  Nextech takes the time to understand each client’s needs in order to meet and exceed the demands of their patients, which is why they continually improve their product. 

5. AeroSat 0

AeroSat strives to keep people connected, whether you are on land or in the air.  Their team has been developing aviation communication solutions for commercial aircraft and business jets for over a decade, which provides global broadband and television services for passengers and crew.  Their innovative Ku-band antenna system enables aircraft to connect to the Internet at all altitudes and during all weather conditions.  This company’s dedication to setting goals and achieving them is what all companies should be doing in order to strive for success and growth. 

6. mPortal 0

mPortal specializes in creating mobile user experiences that combine superior design with execution across mobile technologies.  Their white label solutions are designed to extend brand and presence across a wide range of devices, which can create ease of use for customers while giving them the ability to interact, collaborate, entertain, and more.  Some of their clients include Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Disney Mobile, and more – obviously mPortal knows what they are doing!

7. MobileSphere 0

MobileSphere is a leading provider of global wireless communication solutions leveraging the migration from fixed to mobile communications.  MobileSphere pioneered the wireless international long distant market with their CellularLD solution, which enabled US consumers to place low-cost overseas calls from a mobile phone.  Afterwards, they began partnering with major universities, enterprises, and wireless carriers to develop and launch tailored international calling solutions for mobile users.  Their various solutions, which most of us have probably used at one point or another, are built to connect people from all parts of the world together in a manner that doesn’t break the bank – this is what makes them special.

8. Location Labs 0

Location Labs has raised $26 million from Bluerun Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Intel Capital, Mitsui Global Investment, and QUALCOMM Ventures.  Their product allows parents to get reports of what their children are doing on their mobile devices by seeing all activities in an easy to read report, while giving them the ability to lock the phone, and get alerts about suspicious activities.  The fact that Location Labs grew from a 2-person office to employing over 200 people worldwide, which have all been promoted from within, shows that they are committed to enriching the lives of their employees and giving them credit where it is due, is what makes their company special. 

9. Innolance 0

Innolance is a leading IT service provider that specializes in mobile development, web application, design, and quality assurance for various industries.  Because Innolance recently became a new partner to the Fairfax County Public Schools by contributing to the Collect for Kids program and has a dedication to serving their customers and community, we believe Innolance makes a great company to be on this list.

10. Pyntail 0

Did you know that pintails are migratory birds that travel back and forth from north to south at speeds upwards of 105 km/h (roughly 65 mph)?  This makes them one of the fastest, most reliable high endurance birds in the world – Pyntail possesses these trait as well, hence the name choice.  Pyntail’s first product was released in early 2011, which remained on the Top 10 iTunes Charts for an extended period of time – they’ve significantly grown since then and actually delivered over 175 unique apps.  Although they have seen a large amount of success in a very short time, what makes them stand out is that they always have and still value building relationships, teamwork, trust, and innovation. 

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