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10 Financial Services to Fuel Your Business

Whether you run a startup in its infancy, or an established business looking to expand responsibly, funding is always an important part of the equation. Representing a significant portion of the market capitalization in the U.S., financial services are on the rise. Here are 13 different financial services companies that know how to find you the funding your company needs.

1. Makosi 3

Makosi is a lean consulting firm dedicated to bringing you a quality service without the bells and whistles of a large firm. Need staff for a company project? Need consulting on how to better your team? Makosi delivers straightforward results that focus on training and development. When in need of consultation services, Makosi makes sure to not blow your budget on non-necessities. 

2. First Green Bank 1

Founded in 2009, First Green Bank is one of the first banks in the US with environmental sustainability as part of their initiative. Businesses who bank with First Green Bank can benefit by taking part in programs aimed to give discounted interest rates for installing solar panels or adhering to building criteria approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. And of course, they are almost completely paperless.

3. Vantage Payments 0

Vantage Payments provides services that can increase business and/or personal revenue. Despite whether you have a pre-existing plan, or you require a complete revenue overhaul, Vantage Payments can tailor-fit solutions that provide financial results. Their clients have access to payment solutions that are difficult to establish, including: remote deposit capture, European direct deposit, multi currency processing, prepaid debit cards, as well as services for your website, such as SEO and web design solutions. 

4. Peter & Associates, LLP 0

Peter & Associates, LLP are a Nevada-based group that assists individuals with bankruptcy, debt consolidation, loan modification, and short sale of property. Through the range of financial services offered, clients do not feel pressured to take unnecessary routes to personal financial recovery. As the only full service bankruptcy firm in Las Vegas that has been around for over 5 years and is accredited with the BBB, clients can rest assured they are in good hands. 

5. Chicago Oakbrook Financial Group 0

Chicago Oakbrook Financial Group wants to grow your wealth. Through a combination of expertise in wealth management, investment opportunities, retirement planning, and business growth, Chicago Oakbrook Financial Group provides unique plans for all of their clients. Partnering with this group provides you with the means to make your personal, or business, investments work for you.

6. De Joya Griffith 0

De Joya Griffith is a CPA firm that advises their clients with customized solutions pertaining to the most difficult business solutions. De Joya Griffith coaches and prepares clients, and maximizes the amount of personal, and business tax returns. They also perform audits, consulting, and forensic services to find funding within a given client’s company. 

7. NexGen Properties 0

The people at NexGen Properties are real estate opportunists. When a property is not performing at its potential, NexGen provides the means to develop and repurpose the property to generate profit. With a cash budget of up to $10 million, properties become moneymakers quickly. Assets include retail, office, land, industrial, hospitality, and multi-family units. With NexGen, property that is costing you money can easily become liquidated. 

8. Freeman Spogli & Co. 0

From its establishment in the 1980s, Freeman Spogli & Co. has invested over $3.3 billion in over 50 different companies. By providing funding in the “middle market” consumer and distribution sectors, Freeman Spogli & Co are unique in the world of equity firms. It is no wonder why investors have contributed over $4.7 billion in equity capital, as the company has continued to thrive through historically challenging economic conditions.

9. Frontenac 0

Frontenac is an investment group for small to medium-sized companies in information services, healthcare, commercial/industrial services, and the food industry. They have developed an investment approach called CEO1ST that connects companies with an appropriate executive to act as CEO, Chairman, or lead director. Each company that is paired with a CEO1ST executive can count on positive returns because of their expertise in the field.

10. IndiSoft 0

IndiSoft develops software that handles financial services. Their most popular product, RxOffice Compliance, assists users in maintaining compliant with external regulations. While adhering to the dynamic landscape of financial regulations, IndiSoft provides a product that prevents major overhauls of preexisting corporate workflows. They also assist in providing reliable solutions for mortgage servicers, investors, insurers, outsourcers, and law firms.   

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