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10 Creative Companies that Inspire Innovation

10 Creative Companies that Inspire Innovation



Creativity is a must for an artist. Take Andy Warhol – his artistic genius gave the world a new way to look at a can of soup. However, creativity is imperative in any industry where a company must stand out. These ten companies are demonstrative of how bringing creativity to the table breeds innovation.


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1. Pley 1836


What is better than receiving a package in the mail? You’re right, it’s a package filled with Legos. Pley is the exclusive renter of Lego products, opening up whole new realms of joy for the aspiring child engineers of the world. With a distribution plan similar to Netflix, users of Pley spend anywhere from $15 per month to $39 per month, and receive a new Lego set after they send back the previous one. Pley does not charge for missing pieces (up to 10 grams), and will send you a new set in the event that a set comes with a piece missing. If your child falls in love with a particular set, users can purchase it at a discounted price. Not only does Pley provide children with access to new sets, it also encourages creative learning from an early age.

2. The Cotery 1800

The Cotery

The Cotery is devoted to developing the fashion world through a suite of online design tools. Not only can designers use the website to bring their designs to life, they can also pre-sell their clothing. Through crowdfunding, designers have 30 days where they are able to pre-sell a garment. After the design is funded 100% or more, The Cotery manufactures and ships the finished product. Designers can set their own retail price, giving users control over their profit. Users without design degrees or experience now have a chance to share their creativity with the world.

3. KarBel Multimedia 232

KarBel Multimedia

KarBel Multimedia provides a variety of creative digital solutions for businesses that help communicate company ideas. They generate infographics in the form of maps, charts, data visualizations, diagrams, interactives, motion graphics, and animations that help simplify intricate messages. Through collaboration with their clients’ visions, KarBel takes a creative approach to growing a businesses presence in the media. KarBel is a great example of how creativity is essential for growing a businesses.

4. PerBlue 4


Established in 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin, PerBlue is a fantastic mobile game app developer. The mission of PerBlue’s team is to change the world of mobile apps through the development of innovative games. Their titles are of varying genre but are all linked by one aspect: players can choose their own way to play the game. The objectives are intentionally loose so the player can come to their own, creative solutions to problems, making the game experience unique for every player. Through developing mobile games for both the Android and the iPhone, it is no wonder that they have over one million registered users.

5. Jamclouds 2


With video conferencing becoming more and more popular throughout the world, it is no wonder that a company like Jamclouds has been created. By taking advantage of cloud technology, Jamclouds has developed a real-time digital recording studio that any musician with Internet access can be a part of. Since its inception in 2010, Jamclouds has developed their platform twice, and are working on their third update. Many musicians can benefit from Jamclouds because of the creativity that is generated through the collaboration of many artists.

6. 1

Designers rejoice: Modelo has developed the perfect collaboration tool for 3D design professionals. Before Modelo, designers had to bring 2D comments to 3D projects; now, designers can upload their project and receive 3D collaboration from other designers. This opens up plenty of doors for creative design, but in particular, interior designers can upload 3D images of a room they are tailoring, and have 3D artists create 3D representations of potential decorating. This is particularly innovative because it promotes an efficient and team-oriented approach to creative design.

7. 0

Everyone stop what you are doing because the future is here. has found a way to make us immortal. Well, sort of. They will not cryogenically freeze your body like Walt Disney. Instead they have come up with an artificial intelligence algorithm that creates a virtual depiction of a given user. The algorithm collects personal data, creations, vacations, experiences, and personality over your lifetime and generates an artificial version of you. Users who interact with the your digital version feel like they are actually communicating with you; complete with advice and genuine reactions you are known for. While still in its beta stage, the development team met at the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program and is passionate about being part of the first company of its kind.

8. Cinephiled 0


Cinephiled was established by, well, cinephiles (read: aficionados of cinema). It is a community for people who love watching movies, and like to interact with others regarding movies. They host a team of contributing writers, some of which were film writers prior to writing for Cinephiled. Count on this community to keep you well informed of new releases and of older movies you may have forgotten all about. These guys legitimately care about movies and networking with other movie lovers, not just creating databases.

9. Imagine That 3D 0

Imagine That 3D

You may have heard of 3D printing but not many people have actually used one. Imagine That 3D is an online marketplace and community for sharing and implementing three-dimensional designs. Users can make their own 3D objects, then buy and sell them as they please. Imagine That 3D provides the technical know-how of operating a 3D machine, allowing designers of many different levels of expertise to generate their imagination into an actual product. When creativity strikes, Imagine That 3D is there, ready to help take your innovative thinking and create a tangible product.

10. Impekable 0


Websites aren’t like apples; you can’t just pick a tasty looking one off a tree and call it a day. Websites need to be created and thus, require creators. Sure, you can have a generic looking “website” put together in just a few minutes, but is your brand worth subjecting to haphazard design? Impekable knows the importance of a creative user interface, both for mobile apps and websites. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startups, so they are intimate with a variety of business needs. They provide free design tips for potential clients, and focus heavily on collaboration to synthesize the best UI options for your brand. Industries they serve include telecommunications, education, healthcare, fashion, and consumer technology.

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