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10 Company Leaders of Influence

Most people would not board a boat knowing that the captain notoriously sinks ships. Businesses with bad “captains” are not worth spending your valuable time and money on. The success of a company is multifaceted but it begins with good leadership. These 10 companies demonstrate success in their industries and, naturally, have the right people leading the way.

1. Deerfield Financial Advisors 5

Deerfield Financial Advisors provide their clients with unique financial planning to create long-term strategies for financial growth and stability. Through the planning process, Deerfield Financial Advisors determine what other advisors your strategy requires (i.e. attorneys, accountants, bankers, insurance agents, etc.). Dick L. Bellmer is the President of the company, but also serves as a financial advisor himself. Whether he is helping out his employees, or personally engaging in client advising, Bellmer’s 35 years in the industry has given him the skills to lead.

2. Blough Tech Inc 1

Small businesses typically require IT solutions that are beyond the scope of their own expertise. Blough Tech is the answer for businesses that do not want IT problems to interfere with their day-to-day operations. To create a satisfactory IT solutions experience, Blough Tech relies on productivity, and user satisfaction. Paul Blough is Blough Tech’s CEO and stands by the IT service they provide. He is dedicated to improving the service; he participates in the HTG peer review organization in order to ensure he is implementing the latest IT solutions through the Blough Tech service.

3. NSF Health Services 0

Formally known as Becker & Associates Consulting, NSF Health Services assists clients in FDA approval for the development of healthcare products. Their commitment to excellence, care, and efficiency is part of their mission; their leadership reinforces this commitment. Specifically, Elaine C. Messa, the Executive Vice President of the Medical Device Practice with NSF Health Sciences, brings experience and organization to the table. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburg and spent 30 years as an employee of the FDA. During her time as an FDA investigator she received two FDA awards with the implementation of regulations, policy, and compliance programs.

4. Dorsey Wright & Associates 0

An investment advisory firm since 1987, Dorsey, Wright & Associates provides its service to financial professionals on Wall Street and internationally. With an expertise in technical analysis and a devotion to providing a quality service, Dorsey Wright empowers investors with products geared toward successful investments. Tom Dorsey is one of the original founders of Dorsey, Wright & Associates and currently serves as President. He is the author of three books that provide insight on investment trading and was named Alumni of the Year 2000 from Virginia Commonwealth University.

5. Brinson Benefits 0

Brinson Benefits takes the scary out of providing employee benefits as an employer. Services included actuarial services, advocacy, brokerage and consulting, communication, compliance, the “Brinson Benefits University,” enrollment and benefit technology, HR consulting, legal expertise, and wellness programs. Dawn Brinson is the President of Brinson Benefits and started the company to avoid having to “deliver the bad news.” Brinson knows the importance of educating their clients, as well as providing a service that ensures options for the client, rather than dead ends.

6. Buxbaum Group 0

For over 30 years, Buxbaum Group has grown to become best liquidation companies in its industry. Client businesses have their excess assets consolidated, then appraised by a group of specialists to indentify available capital. Buxbaum then supplies a team to restructure the client’s business to start performing effectively. Buxbaum Group’s CEO and Chairman, Paul M. Buxbaum, leads with experience as an entrepreneur, and experience in liquidation services that he has accrued for the past 25 years. He is also involved in the establishment of two affordable housing projects in Skid Row, Los Angeles, CA.

7. Clinical Research Group 0

Clinical Research Group’s (CRG) authority lies in patient recruitment for clinical trials. Through media-based and site-based methods, CRG provides solutions that recruit patients quickly and cost-effectively. Lynn S. Bachrach, the President and CEO, reinforces CRG’s dedication to excellence and quality with her 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She holds a BA in Psychology from Antioch College, is the founder of two startup companies, and has been recognized as a top salesperson in the past. She leads with strategic planning and is devoted to client satisfaction and repeat business.

8. Atlantic-Pacific Capital Inc 0

Atlantic-Pacific Capital is a global placement agency and advisory firm aimed at acquiring capital for alternative investments. Partnership, passion, integrity, perseverance, and knowledge might be part of Atlantic-Pacific Capital’s vision, but their President and CEO, Mark A. Bourgeois, also adheres to these principles. While only in his third year with the company, Bourgeois has 25 years of experience working with alternative investments. Altogether, he has helped raise over $250 billion in new assets over the course of his career. He earned his BA from Tennessee Temple University and his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

9. Hokanson Associates 0

Hokanson Associates was founded in 1987 and exists today as a wealth management firm. It started small however, with co-founder Niel Hokanson pioneering what was a small wealth advising company. Hokanson personally takes pride in their original approach of providing meaningful advice without the typical bureaucratic agendas seen in Wall Street. He has 34 years of experience in wealth management, is a chairman of several boards, was named “One of the top Wealth Advisors in the United States” by Worth Magazine multiple times. He has been on the Charles Schwab’s Institutional Advisory Board more than once.

10. Edgar, Dunn & Company 0

With expertise and useful advice, Edgar, Dunn & Company is a team of professionals trained in new financial services channels, technologies, markets, retail financial services, and e-business. Co-founded in 1978, by Peter Dunn, Edgar, Dunn & Company continues to expand on an international level. In addition to the expansion of the company, Dunn has produced articles and presentations to national financial groups. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as a degree in Mathematics and Social Sciences from Dartmouth College.

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