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10 Companies Equipped and Ready to Help You



Not all companies are dedicated to corporate social responsibility, but those who are, make a difference in many people's lives. Technology also makes a huge impact on people's lives. From getting the news on a cell phone to hiring the brightest talent from anywhere in the world, technology impacts lives across the globe. These companies have harnessed the power of technology in ways that allow them to help you. 

1. Visage 12


Visage Payroll is a Free SaaS Enabled Market Place (FSEM). They build software and provide access to a marketplace. Unlike traditional SEM companies, Visage Payroll never charges for their software. They prefer to generate revenue from revenue sharing, transactional, and lead generation fees from the market place. They mainly provide payroll software to small businesses. Their revenue also generates from commissions when employers or employees buy financial service, insurance, or other SaaS services through the platform. Visage Payroll believes that FSEMs can be incredibly disruptive businesses. They can grow exceptionally fast which can jumpstart marketplaces.   FSEMs will be powerful forces to be reckoned with just like Visage Payroll.

2. Argus Insights 2

Argus Insights

Argus Insights is Silicon Valley’s first big data driven market coach. By disclosing their market research, they are set apart from traditional market research firms. They also analyze millions of consumer touch points to measure the degree to which products fulfill the market’s demand. Their main focus is helping their clients gather and produce their data. Argus Insights also provides the evidence needed to make better decisions and create successful placements. Additionally, they focus on the metrics with the most leverage to help pick out real data while helping their clients separate the authenticity of the data from. Argus Insights take targeted actiosn to improve market fit and revenue performance in order to surpass the competition.

3. Minted.io 2


Minted.IO is a company that creates solutions that make a difference. They manage non-profits constituents and organizations through an online application. Their app allows people running the non-profit organization to communicate with people attending a non-profit organization’s fundraiser ahead of time. Minted.IO recognizes that most non-profit organizations have a need for CRM's, but they cannot afford traditional CRM pricing models. Minted.IO offers a mid-level product for the NFP's, making them more efficient and profitable. Minted.IO continues to keep up with emerging trends, new technologies, and even drone delivery. Minted.IO believes that by partnering with their team, customers move one step closer to success.

4. Pyrafractal 2


Pyrafactal is a company looking to build lean-agile methods and other programming methods to help bring better value to society as a whole by building better software based programs. Pyrafractal believes that organizational agile methods are the future for many organizations. After becoming a scaled AGILE partner that began selling a lean-start up approach, Pyrafractal investigates the world for better ways of living and working. Pyrafractal believes in challenging the status quo when it comes to the software development world and encourage others to embrace diversity and generosity. Pyrafractal is an organization that is capable of producing quality products and services while thrilling customers ahead of their competition.

5. FiscalNote 1


As an open data company, Fiscal Note’s main objective is managing government data and analytics that the population needs to see and use. They work with the legislation and registration of open data, and offer an easy-to-use platform, along with analytics. 

FiscalNote believes that organizations and companies can save time, hassle, and energy to find and manipulate data by using their product. They offer real time reporting on new legislation, which saves companies time and effort. They use analytics elements, such as forecasting software that predicts whether or not a legislation piece will pass. This forecasting software has a ninety-four percent success rate. All in all, Fiscal Note helps companies find and locate trends in legislation.

6. Barcoding 1


Founded by Jay Steinmetz, Barcoding is an innovative, industry changing IT company. Steinmetz’s passion for the industry has helped his company become an icon in the industry as a systems integrator. Barcoding believes in listening to what companies need and want by offering cutting edge solutions without compromises. From project planning and development to implementation and ongoing support, Barcoding provides automated data capture solutions for thousands of clients all over the country. They are constantly progressing other business’ success by supplying inventory management and barcoding systems.

7. Towson Incubator 1

Towson Incubator

The TU Incubator provides start-up ventures with the resources they need for success. The Towson University Incubator has over fifteen member companies within the Towson University campus including seven in residence. The incubator’s focus is on EdTech and general entrepreneurship. There is no other accelerator or incubator in the state of Maryland with this specific EdTech focus. Nearly fifty percent of the companies in the incubator are solving problems in education. The Division of Innovation and Applied Research at Towson University began with the hope that the incubator would bring entrepreneurs together induce economic development in the North Central Maryland region. The TU Incubator works closely with a network of community partners, service providers, and experienced professionals in order to ad value to their members and help them succeed.

8. Scientel 0


Scientel is an extremely successful IT and technology company. Scientel’s CEO, Norman Kutemperor, was named USA IT/Tech CEO of the Year for 2015. The company recognizes that big data is drastically increasing due to necessity. Scientel understands that significant data is being generated in mass quantities due to the increase of new technology. They aim to help manage and analyze data in powerful ways. Scientel’s specialty is advanced DBMS design and applications integration for general business. Their main focus is reliability, operational dependability, speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, which they claim are the key objectives in the Scientel product line.

9. Estuate 0


Estuate is a global IT Services Company that always makes their customers a number one priority. Founder and CEO, Prakhash Balebail, recognized the rapid rate of technological development. Because of this, Balebail believed and lived by the principle that his customers should receive and use the latest and greatest technology. Estuate’s main services are enterprise applications and technologies, information lifecycle governance and security, product engineering services, big data solutions, incredible business intelligence, talent management, government services, and many more! Estuate realizes that every customer deserves an IT service that responds quickly, listens to your needs, and adjusts to changing requirements.

10. TelTek 0


Teltek is a single-source IT and telecommunications company that specializes in providing one call technology support for mid-sized businesses. Teltek provides, installs, repairs, and maintains all aspects of their clients’ communication and information technology systems.  From consulting to proactive maintenance, Teltek is able to deploy the latest technologies. They deliver customized and innovative solutions. The most important principle held by TelTek is the valuable relationship they have with their clients.  Teltek’s elite customer service, dedication, expertise, and knowledge allows them to offer a memorable experience.

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