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10 Companies Disrupting Their Industry

Here at MeetAdvisors, we get the chance to discover new companies who are changing the way business is done. Their innovation is endless, as they are revolutionizing their industries. Here are 10 up and coming companies that we can't wait to learn more about!

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1. Haptik 33

Haptik allows users to get information and support from over 200 companies in real time, private, asynchronous way. Gone are the days of waiting on hold at the call center or searching through endless FAQ lists, simply message a Haptik expert, who will respond back within six minutes.


2. Woopra 3

After realizing that he needed a more robust analytics tool that provided more detailed information about what his customers were doing, the CEO founded Woopra. He wanted a customer analytics product that let you analyze data in real time. Woopra tracks everything you do digitally in order to analyze consumer behavior. The platform, which is designed to be customizable, will adapt to your business needs as you change and grow. Woopra also synchs with all kinds of tools, including Marketo, Dropbox, Wordpress, and more!


3. BloomNation 3

BloomNation is an online marketplace for florists. After realizing that big online florists shops cannot produce what is promised, BloomNation decided to create a company that provides what they promote. Their marketplace is created with real images submitted by the florists. You get what you pay for, and see exactly what you’re paying for.


4. Backblaze 2

Has your computer ever crashed and erased all your files? It happens all the time and what happens even more often is the amount of people that don’t realize that they have not backed up their computer files … ever. A devastating loss, yes, but it can all be prevented with Backblaze, who allows you to back up your computer for only $5 a month. Simply enter your email and password and Backblaze does the rest. Because their goal is to make sure everyone is backed up and safe, it allows you to make automatic backups for an unlimited amount of data. Upon request, they will also FedEx a hard drive to you if you would rather back up like that.


5. Whim 2

Whim does all the work for planning your date. You do not message your date beforehand, you do not plan the date, and best of all, you don’t have to wait. Arriving to the app store in early 2015, users simply set up an account, which highlights their photos, likes, and hobbies. Then, you simply ‘check in’ for a date, set your availability, and the rest is up to Whim! Whim figures out who, what, where, and when so you don’t have to. Go out on a Whim, you’re bound to meet someone great!


6. MindTickle 2

After four tech geeks came together with a shared vision of innovating, they quit their job and started MindTickle. Passionate about gaming, they turned gaming into a sport. MindTickle delivers exceptional learning experiences via gamification for better learning performance.


7. PlushCare 1

PlushCare gives users no hassle, urgent care over the phone. For just $45, you can get diagnosed, treated, and prescribed medication by a world-class doctor. From the common cold to chickenpox, PlushCare is revolutionizing the health care industry. Not only is PlushCare helping patients feel healthier, they also help a needy child from California each time you use it.


8. BloodBanker 0

Donating blood, which takes about eight minutes, impacts three lives! BloodBanker helps people who are looking to get money for their blood, to find blood centers. They also have the largest directory of blood centers in the US and Canada. With over 3100 blood banks listed, there’s bound to be one close to you – donate today!


9. Uwingu 0

Right now, there is only one place to contribute to the research of space – and that place is NASA. When funding gets cut, researchers are helpless. When he left NASA, he decided to develop new ways to fund space research, thus the creation of Uwingu. After paying the bills, the rest of the money goes towards grants. Ever heard of naming a star? Try naming a crater on mars!


10. Rally 0

Rally, an easy-to-use storytelling platform, is designed to empower both technical and non-technical users to fundraise and build social awareness on a large scale. Rally lets you raise money for your own cause by allowing you to create your own page, share your story, ad begin raising money. From surgery to fundraising to charitable giving, Rally focuses on the culture of online giving. Going into 2015, they really look forward to exploring the alumni networks in order to maximize participation amongst alumni.


Know any other cool companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!


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