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10 Companies Changing the Way We Do Business

10 Companies Changing the Way We Do Business



Whether a business is searching for web design consultation or advice on cyber security, there are IT companies that aid businesses with solutions to their various needs. The following ten companies provide such innovative solutions that help businesses maximize their individual potential.

1. Hostedo LLC 9

Hostedo LLC

Hostedo provides topnotch competitively-priced SSL service for those companies seeking affordable security. In this era of data breaches, many companies are concerned about keeping their sensitive data safe and private. Hostedo guarantees protection that is accessible and affordable. Their services also include SSL certificates that provide businesses with peace of mind at an eighty-four percent discounted rate.

2. GoToTechTeam 4


GoToTechTeam is a multi-national provider of subscription on-line technical support for businesses hoping to expand their presence on the web. The company helps both online and brick-and-mortar businesses grow profits through online sales while keeping overhead costs at a minimum.

3. Weberous Web Designs 3

Weberous Web Designs

Weberous offers affordable but creative web designs that targets the right demographic for a company. A collective of designers, developers, artists and programmers, Weberous provides the talent to help businesses grow their customer base and expand their profit margin. They guarantee fast and affordable service that includes research and strategy, design and development as well as quality control.

4. ChurchBuzz 2


The goal behind ChurchBuzz is to help churches create dynamic, interactive websites to reach those searching for a church home. In the past, many churches relied on dry, stagnant webpages to reach out to new congregants. ChurchBuzz saw a need and stepped in to fill it. Now, churches can offer websites that are more welcoming, informative and less boring. To date, ChurchBuzz manages the websites of over 40 churches and Christian non-profits, helping them to establish an efficient user-friendly connection to those seeking places of worship. To date, ChurchBuzz has a 75% ROI success rate, measured by testimonies of new congregants who said they visited a church based on a website designed by the company.

5. Factum Ltd. 1

Factum Ltd.

Factum Ltd. is a multi-national consulting firm that provides businesses with expert consulting and advisory services. Their name in Latin literally means "It Is Done." The company's emphasis is providing a synergistic network of solutions to a variety of business needs. Factum has clients in many industries, ranging from oil and gas companies to healthcare companies. Services provided include such benefits as technical documentation and extensive training. Factum guarantees successful implementation by providing answers to the IT infrastructure.

6. EventEdge 1


EventEdge provides mobile applications that simplify the needs of event planners. The apps are combined with a management system and are customizable based on the needs of the individual clients. They guarantee that the app matches the event and not the other way around, a practicality that is efficient and cost-friendly.

7. Enterhost 1


Enterhost is an expert Windows hosting company that specializes in Cloud-based IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company operates their own data center and provides managed services that cover all aspects of Windows needs including storage, backup, disaster recovery, and much, much more. Their approach is holistic with the goal of making certain that their clients' businesses run efficiently and effectively.

8. Fortekna 0


Fortekna's focus is offering IT solutions and consultancy to mid-sized companies. They provide a three-stage platform: sales and marketing; implementation; and management that expands into global markets. Their overall goal is to empower businesses to long-term success.

9. Nusource Technology Group 0

Nusource Technology Group

Nusource Technology Group (NTG) is a leading IT consulting firm that provides IT managed services, training, cyber security, SAP Business as well as unified communications that give businesses cost-effective solutions to maximize their profits and contain their costs. A minority-and-veteran-owned company with thirty years of experience, their client base includes Fortune 500 companies.

10. RedFile LLC 0

RedFile LLC

Redfile provides a four-step process to classify information that helps their clients initiate, manage and maintain access of various types of documentation in alignment with information governance initiatives. They are the sole provider of visual classification solutions that avoid the difficulties of converting data to text. Instead, Redfile uses a visual cluster format that utilizes data points that take the ambiguity out of standard text.

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