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10 Cloud Services Companies Keeping the Rain Away

Technology is constantly advancing; one new trend is the use of the cloud for data management purposes.  With such new technology, one can expect to run into issues or problems that they don’t know how to deal with.  These companies can help you with all your cloud needs!

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1. Skytap 0

Skytap helps developer and test teams build software faster and better.  The Skytap Cloud provides self-service access to production-like environments, which enables team to test more frequently, identify, share, and reproduce software defects that occur.  This way, developer and test teams can buld software and release it without as many bugs when customers go to use the software for the first time.  It’s a great tool for anyone who’s developing software and can really save time and money in the long run.

2. Backup My Info (BUMI) 0

Losing data after a system crash is often referred to as, “The worst thing that can happen to your computer,” because if you haven’t backed up, that data is gone.  Backup My Info, otherwise known as BUMI is a premium provider of online data backup and recovery in order to prevent a moment of data loss after a disaster.  When faced with a disaster, their virtual disaster recovery solution allows businesses to recover their servers into BUMI’s cloud.  BUMI can then have your servers up and running via an accessible virtual desktop.

3. Kaavo 0

Kaavo provides cloud management software to automate the deployment and management of any application, workload, or IT environment across public, private, and hybrid clouds.  Their product, IMOD, is the first solution to deliver a top-down, application-centric approach to resource management.  Their partnerships with some of the world’s leading cloud computing providers, including Amazon, Rackspace, and HP, allow them to produce quality solutions. 

4. Appistry 0

Appistry harnesses the power of genomics to next-generation medicine by making genomics data easier for researchers and clinicians to use.  Appistry CloudDx provides cost-effective access to established, laboratory-developed tests in order for information to be used by any physician, anywhere.  They also provide world-class bioinformatics tools, cloud services, and software that streamline the analysis of this data.  

5. Cloud Leverage, Inc. 0

Cloud Leverage, Inc. is a global cloud performance platform that vies businesses the opportunity to accelerate traditional web content, to meet the speed and reliability requirements of a demanding Internet audience.  In addition to their proprietary transport acceleration network, they also use their global 32 data center footprint in order to significantly secure, extend, and enhance businesses’ internal or third party cloud applications.  

6. Appirio 0

Appirio helps companies power their business with the cloud.  They are a global consultancy that has strategic partnerships with cloud pioneers, which include Google, Workday, and other cloud pioneers.  As a new kind of services partner, they combine these new platforms with new approaches in order to solve problems; this has allowed them to help hundreds of companies and millions of people transform their businesses.  They were born in the cloud and are powered by a community, but they believe cloud computing is the future…and not just for IT.

7. GigaSpaces Technologies 0

GigaSpaces Technologies provides software middleware for deployment, management, and scaling of mission-critical applications on cloud environments.  Their two main product lines, XAP In-Memory Computing and Cloudify, are how they achieve their goals.  Their technology is utilized by hundreds of Tier-1 organizations worldwide in order to enhance IT efficiency, and performance.

8. Bluewolf 0

Bluewolf is the first global consulting firm that was born in the cloud.  They provide strategic consulting, implementation, training, and cloud innovation services to help companies engage their customers in order to increase sales.  Bluewolf partners with companies in order to innovate their business processes and technologies.  Most importantly, Bluewolf doesn’t just advise you on what to do - they actually help you get there.

9. CohesiveFT 0

CohesiveFT is a cloud-native networking company that allows customers to build cloud-powered products and services on top of the VNS3 virtual appliance.  VNS3 lets enterprises extend networks into public, private, and hybrid clouds in order to provide connectivity, integration, and security for all their applications.  As a pioneer in the enterprise cloud networking market, CohesiveFT actually provides more application-controlled virtual networking than all competitors combined.  Last year alone, CohesiveFT and VNS3 won the 2014 EuroCloud Awards for Best Offering IaaS/PaaS, the 2014 Cloud World Series Best Security Solution Award, and four other awards!

10. Riptide 0

Riptide is a technology development and integration team full of experts who deploy highly advanced technology systems.  Their most important asset is their employees, which is why they provide their employees with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  Riptide employees care about the outcome of each and every project, which is why they make sure every project is the best it could possibly be.  They are currently the only company that contributes to all of the U.S. Army’s PEO STRI Live Training Transformation product line of software products.

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