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Mark Jensen
President of Get Found First

Professional Information

Expertise: Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Marketing
Years Experience: 3 - 5 Years
Location: Idaho
Company: Get Found First
Schools: Brigham Young University Idaho
Favorite Books: Good to Great, Drive, Up from Slavery, Scriptures, Bible, Excel 2010, Advanced Adwords
Favorite Hobbies: running, family, triathalons, brainstorming
Title: President of Get Found First
Number of employees: 8

Contact Information

Website: getfoundfirst.com
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About Me

I had the Entrepreneur bug for longer than I realized. 

I started my education as an Industrial and Organizational Psychology major but found myself spending all of my time designing guerrilla marketing techniques. I was soon convinced that Business Management was the place for me.

While I was in the middle of my education my wife was expecting our first child. I panicked. I didn't have a single skill that could provide for my growing family!

After a particularly soul-crushing experience selling carpet cleaning to pay the bills, I regrouped. 

The internet is sexy. Earning money via the internet is sexier. And it's easy right?

Well I was way off there, but that is what started my venture into internet marketing. 

I then created an e-commerce website, worked full time at an internet marketing agency, and then became President at Get Found First. 

I love internet marketing because it’s a changing playing field where core marketing principles still rule. Numbers and statistics are your best friend as a paid-search marketer and it never hurts that you always discover some great new tool to ramp up business.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

I became an adviser to entrepreneurs because sometimes all the 'rah rah' in the world isn't enough to keep you moving forward. Sometimes what business men and women need isn't a motivational speaker. Sometimes they need experienced advice. I've benefited greatly from the advise and mentorship I've received and I feel it appropriate to pay it forward. Internet marketing can be particularly tricky for start-ups where margins are thin and resources limited. I want to help where I can.


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