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Joanne Steiger
Successful Professional Development Coach Driving Results for Entrepreneurs

Professional Information

Expertise: Business Development, Human Resources, Professional Development Coach
Years Experience: 20+ Years
Location: Illinois
Company: Strategy SB
Title: Successful Professional Development Coach Driving Results for Entrepreneurs
Number of employees: 3

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About Me

My vision and plan moves my clients forward as they seek to stabilize and grow their businesses.  

I have a masters degree in training and development and have worked in commercial real estate finance for most of my professional career.  The combination of my career experience and my education allows me to approach problems holistically and helps my clients transform organizations.

I have been coaching and advising for over 20 years and have worked extensively with women entrepreneurs.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

Advising and coaching is a creative outlet for an experienced business professional. I love the challenge of helping the entrepreneur understand the necessity of creating a stable organizational base that supports the growth and creative process.


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